Letters and comments for December 28, 2011

By Observer Upload December 28, 2011 04:39 pm
Letters and comments for December 28, 2011

Recall Stover

To the Editor:

When the good old boy system encourages the few allies they have to write letters to The Observer, they should get their stories straight.

A letter described the Sixth Street cave-in. Well, it was actually 10th and Fresno Street. The cave-in was a huge culvert that collapsed with age.

I saw Terrie Richards come to the site perhaps five days at the most and spent about 15 minutes in the “cold.”

This was a project the city workers could have done. They have all the equipment except for a crane that they could have rented for a couple of days. It was stated how much money Richards has saved the city. Well, this is one example of the extravagant cost to the city by hiring an outside contractor.

This person seldom comes to council meetings.

The second letter lauds the mayor for cleaning up the city. I have never seen these people at any council meetings.

Perhaps it’s because they asked the mayor to have city workers mow all the weeds along the railroad tracks and parking lot.

These people work for Wallowa and Union county railroad.

It would be nice if most residents could talk the mayor into mowing the weeds along their property. The common folk are cited or threatened if they don’t mow the weeds along the city right of way and in their yards.

Vote to recall Stover!

John Thibodeau