Letters and comments for January 12, 2012

By Observer Upload January 12, 2012 11:40 pm
Letters and comments for January 12, 2012

Wolf romance misguided

To the Editor:

Dr. Oz recently had an article in Time Magazine on the effects of stress on the human body.

It has real consequences. I know,

having lost one child, and having another go to war three times.

The stress of living with wolves may not be as severe, but it is taking a toll on our ranching community. It has consumed our daily lives. It takes not only a financial toll, that could never be reimbursed, but an emotional one as well.

Saturday morning, as I drove up to our friends and neighbors Scott and Kellie Shear’s feedlot, their baby heifers took off running. Normally they would have remained where they were with the natural curiosity of the young, but I felt terrible and heartbroken as they took off running.

They had just been run by wolves and one of them had died. The little heifer lay in the feedbunk where she was killed. This picture will never make the paper, but she is embedded in my mind.

Rep. Greg Smith was in the area for his son’s wrestling tournament and was able to come out and see the kill site and watch the necropsy.

I can’t imagine how terrible it was for the Botts to find their cow still alive with her rear area consumed.

People speak of the myth of the romance of ranching, but I have witnessed it first hand.

It entails long hours and low pay, but the romance comes in a breathtaking sunset with cows silhouetted on the horizon or lambs jumping for sheer joy as I sat on a bale of hay in the barn in the wee hours of the morning.

When will the misguided romance of the wolf bend to the reality of the facts.

Ramona Phillips



Candidates pro wrestlers

To the Editor:

Political candidates of late remind me of pro wrestling.

The male, female foes spew verbal venom prior to attempted dismemberment of each other inside the squared circle.

But that’s entertainment!

Negative campaigners are seekers of office and the responsibilities there of ... such as the presidency of the United States. Is negative campaigning a reflection of the candidate’s true character and the directions they will lean in at any time?

The lords and the ladies of the ring display more class and dignity than wannabe kings and queens of Capital Hill, whose negative campaigning is, allegedly, reality-based and doesn’t necessarily have to be proven.

Just smear mangling mud on opponents or grasp at straws until the bank is bare and then muddy the water. John and Jane “Q” always remember the accusation, never the final verdict.

Ron R. Fischer