Letters and comments for January 18, 2012

By Observer Upload January 18, 2012 08:46 pm
Letters and comments for January 18, 2012

Ladd Marsh fee

We agree with the Observer editorial board that the Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area is a local treasure.

While no one is excited about paying additional user fees, we understand and support the need for establishing a secure financial basis for maintenance of this public land.

The Observer editorial failed to mention that the new parking permit policy was not created by our local Ladd Marsh or Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff.

This policy was created in Salem and is being implemented on ODFW state-owned lands around the state. Wildlife areas such as Ladd Marsh are not supported by public tax dollars from the state general fund.

The Friends of Ladd Marsh organization formed for the specific purpose of helping to support Ladd Marsh and to enhance its value to our Grande Ronde Valley communities.

Without care and adequate financial support, even treasures such as Ladd Marsh can become worn and neglected. 

Expansion of the Tule Lake public access area along Peach Road has created many new opportunities for recreational use of the area.

Most of these recreational uses, such as bird watching and photography, do not generate funds that support maintenance or expansion of natural areas.

A portion of every hunting license fee has always been the primary source of financial support for the marsh.

Our communities have been privileged to benefit from this arrangement for many years.

Now, the time has come to acknowledge that protection of this incredible asset for all of our future enjoyment requires that we each contribute a little if we enjoy visiting the marsh.

Friends of Ladd Marsh Board of Directors,

Mary Hoverson

Karen Antell

Cindy Frick

Renee Coxen

Jim Akenson