Letters and comments for January 19, 2012

By Observer Upload January 19, 2012 08:42 pm
Letters and comments for January 19, 2012

Where is compassion?

To the Editor:

I am writing about a concern I have. I live on the Oregon Coast now but lived in La Grande for years and my children still live there, one in the mobile court I will be speaking about here.

There is a very nice older lady living in this mobile court. This lady tries to live on less than $500 a month. Imagine trying to live on that amount yourself, even though I am sure some of you do.

Because of her heritage, she is a very proud woman and will not accept help from people. She walks everywhere she goes and lives on little food. Because of a problem that popped up, she had to inform her landlord that she would be a little late on her December rent. Keep in mind that she does pay her rent every month. The landlord tacked on a late fee that this lady cannot afford. The landlord is being relentless about collecting this late fee.

I realize that we have to have rules and regulations that have to be followed but there is also such a thing as compassion. If this landlord chooses to evict this lady (make her move her mobile home or just get out of it) for not having the money to pay this late fee, then this lovely lady will be living on the streets. Even though my husband and I struggle to pay our bills, as most do, I will pay this lady’s late fee without her knowing before I will allow her to lose the only home she has.

I understand money talks but why can’t people with money try to have some compassion for others who do not, especially our older folks who struggle to live on very little Social Security?

The people who own this mobile court are known for evicting people for little cause in order to obtain their trailers to rent out for their own personal gain, even if it means putting old folks on the streets to live. Very sad! Where is the compassion?

Pat Rainey

Seal Rock