Letters and comments for January 27, 2012

By Observer Upload January 27, 2012 08:55 pm
Letters and comments for January 27, 2012

Renewable energy

To the Editor:

Many people have a show-me attitude about renewable energy, and rightly so. Our dependence on fossil fuels is so great that a transition to renewable energy has always been difficult to imagine.

With the release of the Synapse Report, prepared for the Civil Society Institute, that isn't true anymore. The report provides a detailed road map for $80 billion in savings over the next 40 years, with a transition completely away from coal, the elimination of one-quarter of our nuclear plants by 2050, and a 28 percent drop in projected levels of natural gas usage. Where do the savings come from? 

From properly valuing water quality, clean air and better health compared to the currently proposed energy scenario, and by integrating all of our energy
development efforts. We can do that and we will.

Oregon Rural Action is working hard to make Union County part of this transition through its Solarize campaign. With funding from the Union County renewable energy subcommittee, and with support from the Union Wallowa Baker Federal Credit Union and OTEC, ORA is ready to go.

Solar Oregon is involved through its Solarize communities, which ORA is participating in.

ORA's campaign seeks to greatly increase the installation of residential solar in our county. This can and will happen. Feel free to contact ORA at 541-975-2411 to find out more.

Renewable energy is here to stay.

Norm Cimon

La Grande


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