Letters and comments for February 8, 2012

By Observer Upload February 08, 2012 10:45 pm
Letters and comments for February 8, 2012

No extension

To the Editor:

Whether you are for or against the Antelope Ridge Wind project, it has taken a turn that is not in the best interest of all the people of Union County.

The Oregon Department of Energy is proposing to grant an extension to EDP Renewables (Horizon Wind) that will put the project on hold until fall of 2013.

The excuse is that EDPR has to complete a wildlife study which should have been done prior to filing a Notice of Intent. In an attempt to ram this project through, they had hoped the people of Eastern Oregon and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife would not notice the potential damage to Union County.

EDPR has lead local businesses and landowners down the garden path by vowing a monetary windfall, while touting claims to residents that the environment, wildlife, property values and financial situation would not be impacted.

This extension puts all the people of Union County in limbo for two more years regarding their economic prosperity and welfare.

The ODOE is overstepping their jurisdiction threefold: by allowing this extension, not allowing the public an opportunity to provide input, and bypassing Energy Facility Siting Council approval.

The developer requested this extension for no other reason except an attempt to delay the process due to the Oregon tax subsidy (BETC) cutbacks, 1603 federal tax grants expiring, and the production tax credits are now on the chopping block. EDPR needs to withdraw the application or move ahead.

Nevertheless, the Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley will use the two year extension wisely in expanding our membership by educating the populace of Oregon and throughout the USA about the fallacies of wind energy and preparing an ironclad contested case to stop the project. 

Call Bob Repine, ODOE director, at 503-378-5489 and tell him “No extension!”

Dennis Wilkinson

Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley