Letters and comments for February 9, 2012

By Observer Upload February 09, 2012 09:50 pm
Letters and comments for February 9, 2012

Vote yes on recall 


To the Editor:

In regards to a letter published Feb. 6 about the Elgin recall, one only needs to look beyond the end of one’s nose to find the complete truth. 

According to the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police, annual reviews of the police department would have indicated red flags regarding use of force.

The report states that, “Use of force documentation should be used by an agency as an early warning tool to watch for instances of excessive force by officers and for potential problem officers who may use force when such force is not necessary.” Common sense tells us that if issues were documented and reviews were done, patterns would have emerged and ongoing extensive uses of force would have been stopped cold. Yes, a review of the chief would probably have prevented a fatal shooting.

According to Oregon Public Records Law, “If the cost of providing records is higher than $25.00, the department will provide a written cost estimate to the requestor. The requestor must confirm whether he/she wants the department to proceed with responding to the request.” 

There was no written cost estimate. Instead, Terrie Richards invested  seven and a half hours labor and then sent bill after bill to the requestor demanding payment. Oregon Public Records Law was broken the moment the first bill was sent. It matters not who sets a maximum cost. The law is clear.

To demand payment in this instance shows complete disregard for Oregon Public Records Law. To demand payment after hearing the law read aloud at a council meeting is pure stubborn arrogance.

Many Elgin citizens were insulted and offended by the mayor’s behavior that evening.

You would expect the “teachers” writing these vote-no letters would have done a better job on their “homework.”  

Vote yes to recall Mayor Stover.  

Coby Wilhelm