Letters and comments for February 22, 2012

By Observer Upload February 22, 2012 12:59 pm
Letters and comments for February 22, 2012

Pick up after dogs


To the Editor:

I am fairly certain that this issue has been addressed previously. But I feel strongly that it needs to be said again. People, please, if you have a dog, pick up after it!

It’s called responsibility. Seriously, how difficult can that be? You get your dog, its leash and a plastic bag. Simple stuff. 

I regularly walk my dog all over town and find it disgusting and shocking to find a pile of dog droppings in the middle of a sidewalk.

Nothing can ruin a good walk with your dog friend more than stepping in a pile of dog poop, or worse, sliding in it. Always makes me wonder if the owner of that particular dog even feeds or cares for the dog in a good way. 

I walk because I enjoy it and need the exercise for myself and my dog. I don’t want to have to be worrying if I will step in something left behind. 

It’s not only on sidewalks, but in parks and on the campus yards. I have witnessed a woman who regularly walks her dog, always carries a bag with her, then stands and watches her dog do its thing and walks away. Is the bag just for show?

Please be considerate of others who are out walking and pick up your dog’s mess. It really is very simple.

Christina Knecht

La Grande