Letters and comments for February 24, 2012

By Observer Upload February 24, 2012 01:01 pm
Letters and comments for February 24, 2012

Recall Elgin mayor

To the Editor:

Unlike the Stover supporters writing letters to the editor, I have actually attended the Elgin City Council meetings for the past year. I have communicated with city council members. I have learned a lot and I have concerns.

The ongoing pressure and retaliation coming from City Hall aimed at local citizens is concerning. City employees have removed and disposed of campaign signs in city vehicles. What does this say about free speech?

City Hall has caused employers to pressure employees to be silent. Should jobs be in jeopardy due to political differences?

City employees’ relatives regularly do drive-bys. Is this meant as intimidation?

The level the city has taken this to is juvenile. Their actions fuel the dissatisfaction. It is interesting to watch them play this game.

Is there a full and comprehensive complaint process in place at city hall? Not at this time.

Currently, only a complaint in writing will be accepted. How a complaint is handled once it is received is not defined.

A proposal to implement an official citizen complaint process was discussed at an Elgin City Council meeting last September. The issue was tabled and has not been addressed since.

According to the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police report, a citizen complaint process needs to be immediately implemented. It states that:

“Citizen complaints should be accepted in any form including written, verbal, email and web-based, telephone and third party/anonymous complaints.” It also states all complaints deserve a response. 

Mayor Stover is the presiding officer. He alone sets the meetings and the agenda as per Elgin City Charter. He has the power to take action on this, or not.

I see too many concerns on the table. A change in leadership is clearly needed.

Vote yes to recall Mayor John Stover!

Colette Miles



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