Hunting Report / ODFW

By Observer Upload March 02, 2012 12:49 pm

Rabbit in distress attracts coyotes


COYOTE: Good numbers of coyotes can be found throughout Wallowa County. Calling coyotes with rabbit distress-type calls has been effective for hunters. It is important to choose areas with abundant coyote sign and little human activity. 

COUGAR: Cougar numbers are strong throughout Wallowa County. Most lions are taken incidental to other hunting. However, calling with fawn bleat, or locating a cougar kill and waiting for a cat to return are often successful techniques.



Bird hunting seasons are now closed.

New this year, a parking permit is needed for Ladd Marsh. Hunters get the permit free with their purchase of an annual hunting license. Display the parking permit on your car dash. 

All lands west of Foothill Road on Ladd Marsh Wildlife Area
(La Grande) will also be closed to entry Feb. 1-March 31 to protect wintering elk.



COUGARS are common in Union county. Due to the mild winter, deer and elk can be found at higher elevations.

Focus on game rich areas with long ridgelines or saddles that cats typically travel. Setting up downwind of a deer or elk killed by a cougar can be