Letters and comments for March 7, 2012

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Letters and comments for March 7, 2012


Freedom of speech


To the Editor:

I find the anger associated with Mayor Dan Pokorney’s Facebook postings interesting, but misguided.

Politicians are citizens as much as the rest of us. Citizens of the United States have certain rights granted to them by our Constitution, including freedom of speech. 

If Mayor Pokorney expresses a view on his private citizen Facebook page or in any other forum as a citizen, then I think he is within his rights.

However, if he is representing himself as mayor of La Grande, then his views should be censored and appropriate for that position. 

It is within a citizens’ rights to complain to Mr. Pokorney and debate with him on his point of view. I also think that some of the responses and postings, which apparently included threats, are inappropriate.

If you do not agree with the mayor’s position, you have a right to exercise your point of view appropriately, through your ballot.

This is a democracy. If you don’t like the views of someone in office, then don’t vote for him or her. 

There is an upcoming election and Mayor Pokorney is running unopposed. Perhaps some of these citizens who are brave enough to threaten the mayor and insult his family online might be brave enough to take their views to the public and run for office.

I think it would be good for the City of La Grande to have an election with choices and robust discussion of many topics. Then all of the citizens of La Grande could decide if Mayor Pokorney’s views on gay marriage really matter when considering how our city is run. 

My vote will go with whoever keeps our pool open, our roads paved and our streets safe.

Corrine Dutto

La Grande


ATV riders need route


To the Editor:

I read with recent interest the article about a bike route through Union County and its potential boost to local tourism. Good article and good thoughts. 

Some time ago, I suggested a similar activity for ATV riders and offered a cost/benefit analysis.

I wonder what the economic impact would be if you allowed ATVs on the same route, or a similar route. Would ATV riders spend an equal amount of dollars accessing our county? Buy fuel, food, accommodations? 

According to the article, bicyclists are more the kind of people we want to attract. Does that mean that all of us who own ATVs should leave? Are we a different kind of person? I have both a bike and ATV, where do I go?

It still amazes me that a bicycle, horse, walker can be on a road, but an ATV is deemed unsafe. 

I wonder if Oregon Parks and Recreation and the people of Union County will ever get behind the OHV industry like they do the bike riders?

Just offering food for thought for a different kind of tourism, assuming we could also be the kind of person to attract to Northeast Oregon.

Bob Nelson



Cartoon disgusting


To the Editor:

This is the first letter I have ever written to this paper. I felt that I must speak out.

The editorial cartoon you printed in the Feb. 24 paper was the most appalling and disgusting portrayal of a presidential candidate I have ever seen. 

Placing Rick Santorum as an early homo sapiens “species” and an oblivious “idiot” is enough to discourage any decent person who might ever even think about running for political office.

Would you have published this if the person being ridiculed was President Obama? I think not! 

Patricia Dietrich



Editor’s note:

We often publish editorial cartoons ridiculing President Obama.


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