Letters and comments for March 14, 2012

By Observer Upload March 14, 2012 01:48 pm
Letters and comments for March 14, 2012

No to wind energy 


To the Editor:

Oregonians have had ample time to educate themselves on the deleterious effects of wind energy on our economy and environment. Wind power is not affordable, reliable or environmentally responsible.

Wind is four times as expensive as hydropower. In 2010, wind companies received $5 billion in government subsidies, according to the Energy Information Administration. Surveys show that while consumers like the idea of “clean and renewable” wind power, they are not willing to pay four times more on their electric bills to get it. 

Wind requires backup by more reliable power sources like hydro, natural gas, nuclear and coal. Because other power plants must be kept on line, and used more often and less efficiently, CO2 savings are vastly overstated. The main goal of Renewable Energy Standards was to reduce CO2. However, not a single state’s RES required verification of CO2 reduction.

Even with decades of technical development, wind power is still not viable economically and consumes huge amounts of public money. Our money could be better spent, considering the miniscule benefit.

Wind farms have documented negative impacts on people, property values, tourism, birds and bats, the landscape and public budgets. It is clear that wind energy is not clean, not green and not cheap.

Call your Washington, D.C., representatives and tell them a reality check is over due, and that wind energy is bad economics.

Letha Joseph



Community service


To the Editor:

The Grande Ronde Hospital provides a quiet, comfortable, attractive facility for the AARP safe driving course. They even provided snacks when I attended.

The news should go out that you do not have to be elderly or an AARP member to take the driving course and it is information that everyone should have.

I shared the book we used with a number of people, younger then AARP age, and I do not think anyone who looked at it gave it back without learning something. What a nice community service the hospital has provided.   

Becky Preston



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