Letters and comments for March 20, 2012

By Observer Upload March 20, 2012 01:43 pm
Letters and comments for March 20, 2012

Pillows help troops


To the Editor:

I was very happy to read the article about the pillows for the troops in Wednesday’s paper.

It is heartwarming to see that someone else is continuing to send pillows.

The Military Family Support Group that ran for 10 years in Baker City collected fabric, then made and sent pocket pillows.

We had groups and individuals from all over the U.S. sending us fabric squares and ready-made pillows that had been made specifically to go in troop boxes. At last count, we had sent out over 9,000 pillows. 

At one of our meetings, we asked a veteran what was one thing that the troops needed in their boxes and she said that a small pillow would be wonderful.

She said the troops were sleeping on their helmets, rolled up clothing, rocks, etc. The pillows needed to be small and portable so that they could be rolled up and fit into a pocket.

We made them out of 12- by 12-inch squares of fabric and around 2 inches thick. Cotton worked best because it was breathable.

Some of the squares had “Thank You” on them and, others times, the sender would attach a little note with their pillows.

Reading that article brought back some good memories of all the people I was privileged to work with while heading up the support group.

Ten years is a long run for a group started when three military mothers were eating pizza one evening and trying to decide what we could do to help our sons.

May we never forget those who have served, are serving or will serve. That includes their families, who serve right alongside them.

Laurel Olmsted



Facts twisted


To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Wilkinson’s usual twist of the facts, this is an answer to his letter in The Observer.

Hanley Jenkins didn’t authorize the business on May Lane, the planning commission did. We did this based on the testimony given at a public hearing, where no one spoke in opposition to the proposal by the applicant.

The applicant applied for a home occupation. In the proposal, the house was included. A variance was allowed to exceed the 1,200 square feet based on the needs of the
applicant and the effect on the neighbors.

A house has not been established with the well-drilling business, but the landowner has been working with the county to remedy this issue. The county only pursues compliance with land use decisions, contrary to what others might think.

The second issue in Island City was a home occupation application reviewed and approved by Island City and appealed by neighbors to the county board of commissioners. The board accepted substantial testimony, including testimony from attorneys representing both sides and, ultimately, overturned Island City’s decision, denying the application.

One can only guess what Mr. Wilkinson’s reason is for dragging the planning director’s name into two discussions that neither he nor his department had anything to do with.

Joel Hasse

chairman, Union County planning commission 


Victory for citizens


To the Editor:

A huge victory was achieved by citizens working at the grassroots level when the Production Tax Credit Amendment failed in the U.S. Senate March 13.

Wind energy projects have been dependent on these tax credits to be financially feasible.

Failure of this amendment means that our nation will not incur a $5 billion to $20 billion debt (plus interest) to the Chinese. 

The work of thousands of citizens — both Democrat and Republican — educating themselves and others about the truth of the wind power scam made the difference.

Sadly, Oregonians cannot credit their senators for taking appropriate action. Both Sens. Merkley and Wyden voted to approve the amendment, putting the interests of big wind energy corporations ahead of taxpayers.

Linda Bond

member, Friends of the Grande Ronde Valley




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