Children are miracles

March 29, 2012 01:30 pm

Marriage between man, woman can create life

At the risk of being called a hate monger or a homophobe, I would like to address the issue of same-sex marriage surrounding the flap over Mr. Pokorney’s comments.

I know that we are not really supposed to talk about the actual issue of same-sex marriage.

It is assumed that if one addresses the wisdom of sanctioning same-sex marriages, then you must hate homosexuals.

One asks — what can possibly be wrong with same-sex marriages?

After all, people of the same sex can feel love and affection as deeply and as sincerely as a man and a woman. I’m sure that’s true.

But is “affection” the sole basis of what makes a marriage? I know people who have more “affection” for their pets than they do for their brothers and sisters and, often times, for their spouses.

Is there something that makes the marriage between a man and a woman different? 

Is there something that would want us, as a society, as a culture, to sanctify it as something special — set apart?

Well, of course, what would seem to be the obvious answer, (although it must not be too obvious because no one mentions it) is that a man and a woman can create life.

But why does that matter?

We live in a society that legally sanctions the killing of babies. One of the fears that people have about the legalizing of abortion is that it undermines what has traditionally been a belief in the sanctity of human life, and that this will irrevocably spread throughout our culture.

We have seen this happen already and this refusal to notice how this has happened has anesthetized us to the wonder and mystery of life.

The fact that there is no distinction being made between couples who can and cannot create life is simply another indication that that sanctity, holiness and mystery of life has further eroded in the public consciousness.

This is a spiritual question and dilemma as opposed to material considerations that same-sex couples must deal with such as: civil protection and assurances concerning insurance, home- ownership, etc.

These material considerations should be granted through “civil partnership” arrangements along with similar legal considerations and responsibilities should the partnerships be dissolved, just as in heterosexual partnerships.

These civil contracts however, are not the same as “marriage.”

Marriage is an institution instituted by God as a sacred mystery because life itself is a sacred mystery and, by recognizing this, in the end, guarantees the humans rights of all people, including the unborn, the elderly, the sick, the lame, those with bad habits, the rich, the poor, heterosexuals and homosexuals.

In short, all of us.

We walk through our lives surrounded by miracles every day. The wind blows seeds and they drop to the earth and the rains come and they sprout up and life happens. This is miracle.

A man and a woman come together and create a child. This, too, is miracle. 

We must never lose sight of this. For if we do, and perhaps we have, our society will die.


Vicki Correll lives in Summerville.