Letters and comments for March 30, 2012

By Observer Upload March 30, 2012 11:58 am
Letters and comments for March 30, 2012

National debt debacle


To the Editor:

Wake up, Americans.

Does the average American know what has been going on in D.C.?

The politicians have been spending money hand over fist. The national debt is now over 15 trillion dollars.

Can you understand that number? A trillion is a thousand billion or a million millions. The debt amounts to almost $49,000 for each citizen, including

Can you pay that back? These numbers are approaching bankruptcy values. What then?

In addition, the Senate recently authorized another $1.4 trillion in debt, which is almost another 10 percent since the first of the year. And the senator from this district was part of it.

What benefits have any taxpayers received recently that they can put in their hand and say this has been worth it? 

When will this irresponsible behavior stop?

We have become a debtor nation, and our credit rating has gone down. The Chinese are taking over our economy. We owe them money and yet still send them barrels of foreign aid.

What needs to be done is to go back to the basics of Social Security, law enforcement and the military and eliminate all other spending until the budget is balanced.

Most politicians simply do not understand the concepts of “less” or “cut spending.” Most of them only understand “more.”

When pressed they only cut the military, which hurts us in the end.

Most politicians’ only concern is being re-elected.

Last December, they added to the debt, to pay interest on the main debt, so they wouldn’t have to explain what they have done until the election this year is over.

What happens then?

All responsible taxpayers should let their legislators know that they are unhappy with the current situation, and that drastic measures are needed to rectify this mess immediately.

Richard Beverly