Letters and comments for April 5, 2012

By Observer Upload April 05, 2012 01:30 pm
Letters and comments for April 5, 2012

Forest Service bullies 


To the Editor:

I have signed petitions, taken petitions around to be signed, voiced my opinion in the given amount of time and all to deaf ears and blind eyes.

People who do not live here, have not traveled into our beautiful mountains or just moved here think they know what is good for us, and what seems to be good for us is to take everything I love and tell me I will never see it again or set foot on it.

What gives these people the right to take away our way of life? What gives them the right to destroy what we have?

The forests belong to all of us and when one part decides it does not want another part in, that is called selfish.

One way the Forest Service gets what they want is when they can get all parties warring. If just once we would all agree to share, and not act like little children, we might actually win. You will not keep me out of the mountains, so you might as well start writing your tickets now. 

I am sick to death of Forest Service bullying and people who only want the forests for their own activities and to hell with everyone else’s. 

No one seemed to care until they found out it might be money out of their pockets, county, Fish and Game, gas stations, all stores, as these are the things we buy when we go to the mountains camping and hunting or fishing, or just a day out riding around. 

I cannot walk and get around like I used to when younger and my ATV has let me still enjoy looking at the things I moved here for — the beauty of our area.

Leave it and us alone until you know what you are doing and, from what I see, you clearly do not. 

Georgia Cox



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