Hunting Report for April 6, 2012 / ODFW

April 06, 2012 12:06 pm

Roads blocked by snow hinder hunter access


SPRING TURKEY opens April 15 statewide. Special youth-only season (hunters age 17 and under) open April 7-9 (note there is error in regulations on dates).

Hunter orange required for youth

Don’t forget: hunters age 17 and under must wear a fluorescent orange upper garment or hat when hunting upland game birds (except turkey) and game mammals (deer, elk, bear, cougar, pronghorn, goat, sheep, western gray squirrel) with a firearm.


Wallowa District

TURKEY: Spring turkey season is open April 7, 8 and 9 for youth hunters. Regular spring season opens April 15. Good numbers of birds will be available throughout the district. Hunter access will be difficult until early May due to roads blocked by snow. 

COYOTE: Good numbers of coyotes can be found throughout Wallowa County.  Calling coyotes with rabbit
distress-type calls has been effective for hunters. It is important to choose areas with abundant coyote sign and little human activity. 

COUGAR: Cougar numbers are strong throughout Wallowa County. Most lions are taken incidental to other hunting. However, calling with fawn bleat, or locating a cougar kill and waiting for a cat to return are often successful techniques.



COUGAR are well distributed in forested areas of the Walla Walla, Mt. Emily, and Ukiah units. Hunters will have best success by finding a fresh naturally made kill and sitting on it, or by using predator calls. Some success has come from following tracks until the cougar is located.

COYOTE are numerous throughout the district and hunters should have good success calling. Remember to ask permission before hunting on private lands.



COUGARS are common in Union County. Due to the mild winter, deer and elk can be found at higher elevations. Focus on game rich areas with long ridgelines or saddles that cats typically travel.

Setting up downwind of a deer or elk killed by a cougar can be productive.

A cougar kill is often covered with material that has been scraped up in about a 10-foot diameter circle around the carcass.

Cougars will often drag their kill to the nearest cover next to the kill site (pay attention to drag marks).

You need to be extremely patient and wear camo when calling cougars as they come in slowly and use every bit of cover as they approach.

Using remote calls will focus the cat’s attention away from your blind.

Above all, do not move. Their eyesight is excellent. Finding tracks in the snow, determining direction of travel and setting up ahead of the cat may produce results.

Nonresident hunters can include a cougar tag with others tags for $14.50. All cougars taken must be checked in within 10 days of harvest; call for an appointment before coming in. 

COYOTE: Coyote numbers are good throughout the district. Try calling in early morning and late afternoon. Pup in distress as well as prey in distress sounds can be productive. Remember to ask for permission before hunting on private properties.