Letters and comments for March 9, 2012

By Observer Upload April 09, 2012 06:16 pm
Letters and comments for March 9, 2012


Wrong to close roads 


To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Cimon’s letter about the road closures, I think he should have gotten out in the forest more rather than sit in an office doing his research.

If he were really interested in the health of the forest, he would see the benefits of keeping the roads open. 

In his reference to the 20-foot wide roads, these only pertain to the main roads. I would like for him to show all of us where all of these “well maintained” roads are.

The only road maintenance that I have seen is where the loggers are working and they have to grade the roads to keep from tearing their equipment up. 

If a person travels to any of the other Western states and look at the way they take care of their forests, they could learn a real lesson on forest management.

They are well maintained and signs telling you all of the information about that particular forest and the trails are maintained as well. 

It seems to me that the Forest Service should be called the Forest Non-service. The people responsible for coming up with these plans have all been schooled in the environmental school to try and keep everyone out of the forests so they have less to do and can keep hiring more to do less.

If this road closure does go through, you can bet that there will not be any layoffs but more hiring and more new pickups with Forest Service decals driving on fewer roads.

Jim Ammons





Spaghetti feed success 


To the Editor:

RE/MAX Real Estate Team put in a lot of hard work and dedication in making the Angel Fund Spaghetti Feed on April 5 a success.

The La Grande School District’s Angel Fund helps support the Youth In Transition student assistance program in the district.

Community members and the RE/MAX team gave tremendous support and put in tireless hours to make the fundraiser a good one. Their efforts will make a positive difference for our

The La Grande School District and La Grande Title Programs are very appreciative. 

Jerry Mayes

La Grande Title Programs

La Grande 



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