Letters and comments for April 23, 2012

By Observer Upload April 24, 2012 10:58 am
Letters and comments for April 23, 2012

Forest Service ‘sorry’ 

To the Editor:

The Forest Service is bound and determined to keep us out of the forest. Every year they close off a few more roads. Many years ago, the road to our mining claim was closed and never reopened.

We are accused of destroying the environment, but I am aware of a Forest Service employee who puts her used motor oil on the city street. Is that good care of the environment?

I contracted with the Forest Service for many years when I was doing back hoe work. I saw many cases of the Forest Service destroying the environment, especially when they would let a controlled burn get out of hand burning many acres.

Their response was just to say, “Sorry.” 

Some examples of the fires are Fraser Rock Road No. 2043 and the No. 77 road off of Catherine Creek Highway. There are many more examples.

I could write a book detailing the Forest Service abuse of our forests.

Don George




Parsons for OTEC 

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Steve Parsons for director of OTEC. Our goal of supplying power at the lowest cost should and will be his goal.

He has fought hard to change policies implemented in the last year by our board of directors that adversely affect the cost of power installed to new customers. 

When they decided to put liens on new installations, he was instrumental in getting this changed. He has been vocal about the management of your assets held in OTEC. Twelve million they spent last year on projects and still sent over a million back to the members. Then they turned around and raised your meter rate by 25 percent and added extra costs to the power rate just in case they needed more. 

Steve understands the business; he’s got 35 years of experience in the industry. 

Please vote Steve Parsons as your next director.

Ricky Audis

Mt. Vernon 

No money for roads 

To the Editor:

Mr. Cimon is correct when he says there is no money to maintain the existing roads. The main reason for this is the lack of logging in our forest lands. Not only does this result in a lack of available funds, but the logging companies are not maintaining the sections of roads they would be using. 

His remark that this is a money issue is right on. It’s all about the money the
enviromentalist spend to close the forest to the majority of taxpayers so that they can enjoy it themselves. Not to mention the large dollars they spend on political candidates that will bend over and back their elitist ideals. I urge everyone to call or write their represenatives to express your disapproval of this forest lockout. 

It will only take a few minutes and could help keep our forest open to we, the people. 

Gary Predmore




Fiddlers’ event great 

To the Editor:

The Blue Mountain Old Time Fiddlers Association put on an awesome event on April 14 in Union. 

Sherry and I joined the organization last year and were awarded a scholarship to participate at the 2011 Wallowa Fiddle Camp. We enjoyed the camp immensely and met some really fun and talented
people who share their love of music.

The week-long camp in Wallowa consisted of fiddle, guitar and other instruments.

We felt welcomed and the encouragement we got was awesome. There are some great people in this organization and they seem to have a lot of fun with family and friends.

We both can’t wait for more events this summer to be part of. We enjoyed the function immensely and met some really fun people and let’s not forget the great food.

The Blue Mountain Fiddlers Association is a great way to get involved playing your musical instrument — this goes for all ages.

Sherry Cadwell


Vickie Hagey


 Fun weekend in Union 

To the Editor:

What a fun weekend it was in Union. The Blue Mountain Old Time Fiddlers held their annual meeting April 13 and had a show on Saturday, April 14.

The Miller school served us well for accommodations and equipment. Sharing the property with the Little League
festivities and all of their excitement added to our enjoyment.

Friday brought 23 musical jammers and 51 other participants. For the Saturday show, we had 122 in the audience and 36 musical performers.

Event chair Nancy Bruce and her husband Pat did an excellent job with organization and Denny and Colleen Langford conducted the business end with a pleasant professionalism.

Many dancers added pleasure to both evenings and the local Scout troop goodies sale added a nice touch.

For the Raymond family, the only downside to the motorhome trip was filling the gas tank on our return to Idaho. But, it was worth it.

Jack and Mary Jane Raymond

Caldwell, Idaho 

Support appreciated 

To the Editor:

Several local businesses supported Gamma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi during its February money raiser.

Aaron’s, Furniture West, Globe Furniture, Fitzgerald Flowers and Loveland’s Funeral Home loaned artificial floor plants and arrangements, wall hangings, framed pictures, lamps, bookshelves, folding dividers, an archway and plant stands to the chapter for one evening in order to transform a local conference room into a fine dining eatery.

All money raised during the evening was donated to the local Friday Backpack program.

Without the support and contributions from our local business, this event would not have been possible.

Their support and enormous generosity is greatly appreciated.

Kim Sines

corresponding secretary,

Gamma Chapter

Beta Sigma Phi