Letters and comments for April 26, 2012

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Sebestyen right 


To the Editor:

I wanted to note how impressed I was, and hopefully others, while watching the most recent La Grande City Council meeting on the public access channel with Councilor Jerry Sebestyen.

During this city council meeting, Mayor Porkoney proposed a motion to the council that would allow for either the mayor or any city councilor to use their elected position/title as a form of endorsement of other political candidates.

Sebestyen responded with concerns about their elected positions as being non-partisan plus, as an elected official, that person in essence represents all citizens of the city.

Sebestyen then insightfully spoke of concerns of potential partisanship that could occur on the council if or should various councilors or the mayor begin a trend of candidate endorsements.

Councilor Lillard and then Councilor Meisner quickly echoed Sebestyen’s thoughtful comments. The motion was put to a vote and was defeated four to two.

This political world of growing partisanship more often than not leads to political gridlock and division versus results. I wanted to acknowledge the courage by Sebestyen to initiate this conversation in today’s political climate, thus paving the way for continued progress by the council and mayor who are elected to represent “for the people and by the people.”

Jim Mollerstrom

La Grande 


Closing roads OK 


To the Editor:

I moved to La Grande back in 1950 and for 50 years ran a wonderful downtown business with my wife. I have hunted, fished and camped in the Blue Mountains with Betty and my five boys for over 60 years. I’ve been to most of the ridgetops and drainages, from the Elkhorns to Hells Canyon.

Now I’m 85, have foot problems, walk with a cane and have been classified as “handicapped.”

The only way I can get out in the woods is to drive.

So what do I think of all these planned road closures? Too darn little and too darn late. Over 4,000 miles of open roads on one forest is way too much. To think the forest should
provide me with endless miles of joyriding is just plain selfish. 

The Wallowa-Whitman is far more important as a home for God’s creations — abundant wildlife, clean waters and majestic trees — than as just another playground for imported, Asian-built ATVs.

There were a lot fewer roads back in 1950, and the forest was a better place for it.

Loren Hughes

La Grande


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