Letters and comments for May 2, 2012

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Letters and comments for May 2, 2012


Vote for Hansell 


To the Editor:

I am urging voters to elect a life-long conservative Republican to the Oregon State Senate.

Bill Hansell has the values and experience needed to oppose the liberals in Salem who so often enact laws which have detrimental impact on Eastern Oregon.

Many believe his opponent, Maryl Graybeal Featherstone, may have an agenda that is not in our conservative interests.

We must ask why she recently changed her voter registration to Republican; why is she involved paying a media group to mold her message; and who is funding her for the billboards, newspaper ads and mail advertisements? Seems she is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Please support Bill Hansell. He is the real deal for Eastern Oregon interests.

Donna Kirkman



Vote for Featherstone 


To the Editor:

We have an opportunity here in Union and Umatilla counties to elect a businesswoman that will go to Salem and make some changes that are desperately needed.

Maryl Graybeal Featherstone is running for the Oregon Senate District 29 with refreshing new ideas and an enthusiasm that is contagious. 

Expanding Graybeal Distributing, her family business, during this economic downturn, is proof Maryl is educated and experienced in business and creating jobs.

The Umatilla County Planning Department in 2011 had worked with members of the county to develop guidelines for future wind farm development that resulted in many important changes. One of the most significant was the two-mile turbine setback from homes, wherein Commissioner Hansell voted against the setback opposing his own planning department recommendations and the other two commissioners.

In 2011, Iberdrola requested and was granted ODOE an expansion of the Helix Wind Farm to double its original size without allowing for the public a contested case hearing. In February 2012, Iberdrola requested a two-year extension before starting construction due to the subsidy funding has dried up leaving the people of the Helix area in limbo for two years. Guess where Commissioner Hansell is regarding this issue? Supporting big wind developers.

To send Mr. Hansell to Salem would be sending another politician that will fall into the fold of repaying big money donors with favors and wind farm developers that have been living off taxpayer subsidies.

In 2005, Commissioner Hansell was president of the National Association of Counties when they held their annual convention in Hawaii. At that time there was a big push for all the Oregon counties to contribute $1,000 for a cocktail party to honor Mr. Hansell; Union County agreed to kick in $1,000. Do we want more of this type of politics? 

A politician that has been in the political trough of 29 years is not qualification to become a state senator.

It is time for new ideas and a new face in Salem. A vote for Maryl is a vote for a better future.

Dennis Wilkinson




Vote for Davidson 


To the Editor:

I have known Mark Davidson for nearly 20 years and have always admired his work ethic, integrity and leadership abilities. Mark’s an innovative, progressive thinker with a positive vision for Union County.

Mark understands public finance and budgeting; he has a proven record of fiscal responsibility. He knows Oregon’s land use planning process and has the insight to see how planing effects our community’s future. He is focused on improving our economy to provide employment opportunities for our people. 

As a La Grande city councilor, I feel Mark has helped establish a close working relationship between La Grande and Union County. He arrives well prepared and informed for our meetings whatever the topic.

His extensive background of service as a volunteer and elected official on the county commission, city council, budget committees, planning commission, Union County Economic Development Corporation board and the Wallowa Union Railroad Authority Board, to name a few, demonstrates not only his commitment to the community, but is an example of the depth and breadth of experience that we need our county commissioner to possess. 

Couple this with his private sector business background and it is obvious Mark is the best candidate to represent Union County. Please join me in voting to re-elect Mark Davidson Union County commissioner.

John Bozarth

La Grande



Public not confused 


To the Editor:

In the reading of the message from the Wallowa-Whitman Forest supervisor relating to the rescinding of the travel management, it seems we are being led to believe the reason is confusion, misinformation and misunderstanding.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Those three issues may be present, but it's on the part of the USFS not the public.

I and others are not the least bit confused. The USFS has presented almost no information to the public and we understand exactly what is happening.

I suspect the tactic is to put things on hold till folks calm down, then slip the same plan into the process again in a way the USFS will meet little or no opposition.

When there has been no contact with the public for years, and the public and the county courts have been excluded from conversations and involvement for years, how can a
federal agency with no concern or contact with the public hope to re-educate us?

The fact they even consider that as an option shows how little they know us.

I do not need re-education, I have not forgotten anything. The forest they are attempting to lock us out of is our home ... it is our custom and culture. It is our traditional cultural property.

With no idea at all about us and our homeland, they are certainly destined for failure again ... unless the power of the agency coupled with the dollars of environmentalists can figure a way to once again exclude us from our homeland and history.

They may take it but I will not give it to them.

Larry L. Cribbs

Island City 



Vote for Smith 


To the Editor:

Recently I had the opportunity to hear Brent Smith and Bob Jenson speak to a service club to which I belong. They are both running for state representative.

What caught my attention immediately was when Mr. Jenson told the La Grande crowd that he was proud he had prevented the relocation of the State Crime Lab to La Grande, retaining it in Pendleton. 

Previously, when I read that La Grande was getting the lab, I thought “great, we need more jobs here in Union County.” 

The point I am making is that Mr. Jenson’s bragging in Union County about denying Union County jobs means he is not concerned about his entire district. 

Mr. Brent Smith is very sharp, knowledgeable and made no major mistakes in his presentation. I think he is in his prime and has good judgment. 

Mr. Brent Smith is committed to reducing taxes and government intrusion in our lives and has helped farmers and ranchers in his law work. 

Since I want my representative to be sharp and make good decisions for his entire district, I am voting for Brent Smith for state representative and I hope you will also.

Dave Hallmark

La Grande



Blood drive success 


To the Editor:

The Red Cross blood drive was a success April 19. The goal was 70 units and we took in 72 units. Six new blood donors participated.

The drive was a success because of the volunteers that donated their time and all of the donors that came in.

Artesian Blue Water donated water for the snack bar and Papa Murphy’s donated gift certificates. La Grande First Ward Relief Society contributed cookies for the snack bar and Grocery Outlet donated crackers and drinks. Kathy Hibbert brought cookies and we served hamburger soup, veggies and dip. In addition, many local volunteers donated their time at the blood drive. 

Donors or volunteers can sign up for the next community blood drive, set for June 28, by calling Colleen Langford at 541-562-5055. 

Denny and Colleen Langford



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