Letters and comments for May 10, 2012

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Letters and comments for May 10, 2012

Vote for Jenson 


To the Editor:

Bob Jenson represents the kind of legislator that the people of Eastern Oregon, as well as all of Oregon, need.

His first priority has been to make things better, whether it’s in education, agriculture, water management or stepping out on the limb and talk about state funding — not popular but a representation of his courage and credibility.

He’s respected by his colleagues, holds a position on the Ways and Means Committee and doesn’t always follow the normal party line.

Legislatures, especially at the federal level, have very low approval ratings and continue to hide in the corners of their base. Bob has been able to move to the middle and vote for what is good for the people of Oregon.

We need more legislators like Bob Jenson.

Karen and Jim Kullnat



Vote for Smith 


To the Editor:

Hey, Republicans, our primary for House District 58 has for the first time since Ray Baum a conservative candidate that is young, smart and enthusiastic. He’s educated, knows the law and knows the ones that aren’t working for Eastern Oregon and he knows the process for getting those changed. 

He has our conservative Republican values and he’s determined without being objectionable. Brent Smith understands that natural resources are the engine that drives the economy of this state and he knows that the best stewards of those resources are we who live and work on the farms and ranches and in the forests. So let’s elect him. 

By the way, he’s married to Ray’s niece, Jeanette, so I think he’s going to be in these parts for some time.

Hey, Democrats, I know many of you have the same values we have, so go ahead write him in on your ballot. That’s Brent H. Smith, representative for District 58. You’re going to love him.

Sharon Beck




Vote for Gilbert 


To the Editor:

I am asking for your support to elect me, Irene Gilbert, as your county commissioner. Over the past few weeks, I have outlined my platform in newspaper and radio ads and will not restate it here. Instead, I would like to write about how I believe Union County should be run.

Making good decisions requires input and active involvement of the citizens. I have identified three specific things that I will do to ensure that every citizen of Union County has the opportunity to participate in decision making:

1. Every person will have access to me as your commissioner. I will invite citizens to give input on issues they are concerned about and share their ideas on how to resolve them. I believe that Union County deserves more than three people making decisions.

2. I will not support the scheduling of meetings that are not open to the public unless it is necessary for legal reasons.

3. I will provide weekly updates of issues I am working on, decisions that have been made and areas of emphasis for the upcoming week. Areas will be identified where I especially desire your input. 

You must now make a choice regarding whether or not you want Union County to continue to be run as it has been; or elect me, and let me work to change the ways the county commissioners do business.

I am definitely not one of the “good ol’ boys.”

I believe that I am the best candidate to serve you as your commissioner. I sincerely hope that you will provide me with the opportunity to exceed your expectations by voting for me.

Thank you.

Irene Gilbert

La Grande 


Vote for Hansell 


To the Editor:

Bill Hansell will get my vote for the Oregon Senate, District 29. Bill is a confident man with exceptionally favorable character and moral
integrity. These qualities make him a clear choice to represent us in Salem. 

I have known Bill for most of his career here in Umatilla County, but I have known, and respected, other members of his family for nearly 50 years.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Featherstone, I have known members of her family for nearly 60 years.

Both are fine families whose members have served key roles in our Northeast Oregon communities.

Therefore, I am confounded by the mailings from Mrs. Featherstone’s campaign. People with character and integrity do not use deceptive
negative campaigning to assail their opponent.

We need elected officials of exceptional positive character and moral integrity. Bill Hansell possesses those qualities. That is why he has earned my vote and he deserves many others as well.

Jim Harris



Vote for Graybeal-Featherstone 


To the Editor:

A very interesting thing has happened in the District 29 Senate Race. An ad comes on the radio and blasts candidate Maryl Graybeal-Featherstone.

In this tirade, the voice accuses Featherstone for not being as entitled as Bill Hansell in being a Republican. What’s amazing is this man’s voice sounded like a person that was chairman of the Umatilla County finance committee when they orchestrated raises to Mr. Hansell’s salary to the tune of 300 percent.

I must remind the voters of District 29 about the fairground manager’s job in Umatilla County. The job was advertised at a set salary when the position was filled. They gave the applicant a raise. Why didn’t they advertise the position as such with this increase as it could have widened the field of applicants? This happened under Mr. Hansell’s tenure.

Do District 29 voters need this style of government?

What flies in the face is this candidate is only logged in 40 percent of the time. District 29 is a very important district with its diversity and such. We do not need a part-time senator. We are tired of backstreet politics, secret handshakes and cronyism.

How about a senator who will work for you full-time and get real things done? Please vote for Maryl Graybeal-Featherstone, Senator District 29.

Ron Crouser



Arts education 


To the Editor:

We appreciated seeing Jennifer Hobb’s article “Students get hands-on feel for the fiddle” regarding Kelly Thibodeaux’s workshops in Wallowa County schools (May 3). 

What wasn’t mentioned was that Kelly is one of ArtsEast’s 25 artists-in-residence and his visit was a collaboration between our organization as well as the Wallowa Valley Music Alliance.

Each year, ArtsEast does fundraising and writes thousands of dollars in grants in order to fulfill our mission — to make quality arts learning programs available and affordable in our rural schools in Eastern Oregon. 

This school year, we will have supported 37 weeks of residencies in 27 schools in eight counties. We, in turn, appreciate the support received from schools, parent groups, local arts organizations and our grantors who helped make it possible for over 4,000 children to have a special experience with a professional teaching artist. 

Please visit www.artseast.org for information about our programs.

Deena Heath

executive director, ArtsEast