Letters and comments for May 24, 2012

By Observer Upload May 24, 2012 12:54 pm
Letters and comments for May 24, 2012

Forest for everyone 


To the Editor:

What is this world coming to? People seem to be getting dumber.

Someone puts the word “green” into something and the so-called smart people jump on the wagon. They never look at the whole picture, like what will the fallout be?

What is it going to do to people’s way of life, or the economy, people’s health and much more.

Reading in the paper someone wrote about the weeds being carried around by ATVs and 4x4s.

What about what the hikers carry on their shoes and on the tires of the bikes they ride.

What about what the horses pick up when they are being ridden out in the forest, they eat while out in the woods and bring it back and leave it on the ground in the poop. The wildlife that move through the forest also picks up weeds and carries them wherever they go.

The Forest Service and the Fish and Game think by closing more roads it’s going to improve it all.

They should know from all the studies that have been done over the years that nature and the wildlife take care of themselves. Animals adapt to change.

If maintaining the forest is such a large expense, cut your waste, cut wages, number of employees and all the new vehicles and wasted studies they do to keep their jobs.

State and federal governments waste more money on dumb things and subsidize unnecessary things.

Look what is happening to our schools. Let’s take care of our children’s future. I know you will come back and say this all affects their future. I know that, but for heaven sakes let’s get them educated.

Wise up. The forest is for everyone to use and enjoy in their own way and not be closed out for some lame reason or group.

Wood cutting, hunting camping and riding around, picking berries or fishing is a way of life here.

We live here because of that.

Take your big city idea and go back to where you came from.

Dick Middleton




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