Letters and comments for May 28, 2012

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Letters and comments for May 28, 2012

Vote to protect rights 


To the Editor:

If you are reading this letter, you probably care how you are governed. You expect fairness and justice in government and for your leaders to adhere to the law of the land.

In America, the Constitution was written to uphold our inalienable rights which, by nature, government can help us keep but cannot revoke. 

What is the real issue this election?

It is not health care, economic, social or foreign issues. It is whether we will keep our Constitution or lose it.

If we lose the rights so valiantly fought for over 220 years ago, what will we have? Do you want a government that tells you everything you can or cannot do? This current administration has usurped tremendous power, creating czars independent of Congress and sweeping changes in policy through executive orders, stripping many of our Constitutional rights.

Do you, as a citizen, care enough to vote against someone who is trying to change our form of government, or do you care more about supporting your “party?”

This administration will continue to tear it apart and leave us with socialism or worse, despotism. Multiple concerted efforts carried on by this administration to dismantle our Constitution are in evidence.

If you support the current administration, you support the end of our Republic and Constitutional government, period.

All other issues are irrelevant smoke screens that hide the true issue.

I do not believe when people voted for this president and “change” that they expected him to remove our Constitutional rights, but that is the reality.

Please consider carefully what you are voting to keep.

Ruth Beverly





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