Letters and comments for May 30, 2012

By Observer Upload May 30, 2012 12:52 pm
Letters and comments for May 30, 2012

Discuss rationally 


To the Editor:

It occurred to me while reading the May 28 letter to the editor that many of the same anti-administration statements made by that writer could be made by someone who is pro-administration. The only difference would be who is said to be in the wrong.

For example, I personally am not aware of losing any constitutional rights under the current administration. No one has told me of any specific right I no longer hold. But I can see that some people are losing voting rights in some states where my party is not in power.

To say that one presidential candidate is trying to destroy the Constitution simply means that you disagree with the actions or proposals of that candidate. But unless you identify the article of the Constitution and explain how it is being misconstrued, your argument holds no merit. And I should say also that one needs to pay close attention to the arguments of those who explain it differently.

Some of us remember the days when anyone who had a different idea was called a “communist,” and now people are carelessly called “socialist.” Neither was nor is now a legitimate designation — they are merely epithets used to describe someone with whom you disagree.

Voting for elected officials should be a matter of reasoning rather than emotionally choosing sides. I think the right and the left would both agree with that statement.

But we need to discuss rationally and in detail what we mean by the Constitution and what it actually says.

Evelyn Swart




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