Letters and comments for June 8, 2012

By Observer Upload June 08, 2012 12:47 pm
Letters and comments for June 8, 2012

Horses attacked by wolf

To the Editor:

A friend’s horses were attacked the other night. They were corralled on his private property. A neighbor driving by witnessed the bunched up horses in distress and shortly thereafter watched a dark wolf run off. He immediately called Casey Tippett, of Tippett Ranches, to report the attack. 

Casey called Wildlife Services and they found marks on one of the horses. ODFW was also notified.

The eyewitness, Duane Voss, a rancher who has seen plenty of wolves and whose son, Will, has been a hired range rider, evidently carries no worth in ODFW acknowledging this attack. 

What worth is an eyewitness? This was not about confirming a kill for compensation. This is about verifying that an “uncollared” wolf was in the area and was seen running away from the distressed horses.

We seem to be entering yet another “gray” area of the Oregon Wolf Plan. 

If I shot a wolf attacking my animals and had an eyewitness, what weight would that carry? Evidently very little.

 Ramona Phillips 




Book tells how rich benefit

To the Editor:

Everyone in this country should read “It takes a Pillage: Behind the Bailouts, Bonuses and Backroom Deals from Washington to Wall Street.” It was written by Nomi Prins and published in 2009. 

If the Republicans and some southern Democrats regain control of the Senate and House, nothing will change.

Everything that will be done in the Republican administration will benefit the corporations and the very rich. 

If Romney is elected president, God help this country.

Santa Hill

La Grande


Letter was hate mail trash

To the Editor:

Brian Addison’s insights about Loren Hughes were a real eye-opener for me. 

During the past 40 years, I’ve known Loren as a fine jeweler, a gentleman farmer, an ardent hunter and lover of family, forests and basketball.

Loren’s soft-spoken demeanor had me completely fooled. I assumed that his trips to Portland were to watch the Blazers.

I had no idea that he was slipping into a magic telephone booth and donning a cape to become the dreaded Extreme Enviro-Man!

It took five Supreme Court Justices to elect George W. Bush, but apparently Loren Hughes, single-handed, with a mere 15-cent stamp, brought the Northwest logging industry to its knees. 

I never knew.

And now he’s planning to overthrow the government. Better check his barn — could be a fleet of black helicopters hidden there.

Usually hate mail trash like Addison’s is mailed anonymously. Maybe he’s proud of what he wrote. That’s definitely worth worrying about.

Lois Barry

La Grande


Editor’s note: We apologize to Mr. Hughes for printing Mr. Addison’s letter. It contained personal attacks.