Huffaker takes saddle bronc title

June 20, 2012 08:13 am

By Katy Nesbitt

The Observer

ENTERPRISE — The saddle broncs riders were in fine form with most riders completing qualifying rides, but the bulls won the competition against riders at the Mountain High Broncs and Bulls Rodeo this weekend.

Derrick Huffaker of Woodruff, Utah, won the saddle bronc competition with a combined score of 157.

Huffaker was the All-Around Champion at the 2011 Western States Ranch Rodeo

Association National Finals World Championships.

For two years running, Randy Baremore of Wallowa took second in saddle broncs with 154 points. Baremore is a favorite to watch at local rodeos and is a real cowboy by day, working the Baremore Ranch with his family.

Jake Dunlap of Haines was third with 151 points, Chance Piela of Hines took fourth with 150, J.D. Brock of Powell Butte, (formerly of Imnaha), was fifth with 149 and Cole Estill of Gerlach, Nev., was sixth with 148 points.

Local cowboy and regular rider at Broncs and Bulls, George Kohlepp, made a fine showing with a 65-point qualifying saddle bronc ride Friday night, but was unable to couple it with a second qualifier.

A high percentage of the bronc riders stayed in the saddle for eight seconds or more, but the bull riders had a tough time with only four qualifying riders.

Colby Riley of Ephrata, Wash., rode to first place on Saturday with 152 points.

Riley was the only bull rider with two qualifying rides for the entire rodeo and the only qualifier on Saturday.

Three bull riders qualified on Friday night, but with only one ride apiece. Jay Lee Britt of Hermiston placed second overall with 83 points, Cody Casper of Buckley, Wash., was third with 77 points, and Lane Bailey of Joseph rounded out the money winners with 65 points.

Many of the bronc riders held on for eight seconds or more, but Pook Hoots of Spring Creek, Nev., wanted to step it up a notch and add twirling a lariat to his saddle bronc ride. His first attempt ended up in a wreck in the bucking chute and his horse landed on him, pinning him for more than 10 seconds.

Unshaken, Hoots asked for a re-ride and attempted the same feat, twirling his lariat as he rode the saddle bronc. This time, his horse ran to the far end of the arena, close to the grandstands and slammed Hoots into a panel, breaking his glasses which cut into his face leaving superficial scrapes.

Neither ride qualified Hoots for a score, but he provided a new level of excitement.

On Friday night Cade Steen of Joseph took a spill and his face was stepped on by his bull. He was transported to Wallowa Memorial Hospital, but was soon released after a visit to the emergency room.

The sun shone on the Broncs and Bulls Rodeo all weekend and drew a good crowd to the annual event.

Barrel Man Danger Dan Whitmoyer of Helena, Mont., bantered with announcer and rodeo organizer Lee Daggett adding the rodeo clown element to the weekend.

Whitmoyer’s strengths seem to be his dance moves and his Nerf football arm.