Broken water lines keep city crews busy

June 20, 2012 03:40 pm


By Bill Rautenstrauch

The Observer

The city of La Grande’s Public Works Department was scrambling Tuesday to fix water lines in two separate neighborhoods that broke Monday.

Public Works Director Norm Paullus said an 8-inch high pressure water main broke at Cedar Street and F Avenue Monday afternoon. The break caused some flooding and damage to a garage, Paullus said.

On Tuesday, crews shut down four blocks of water main 

while workers replaced a defective valve. Residents around C Avenue and Cedar Street were without water for several hours.

Also on Monday, a water main broke in the vicinity of Allium Street and Modelaire Drive, interrupting service in the neighborhood. Paullus said Tuesday that Public Works was still trying to determine whether the two breaks were related.

Paullus said he expected water main repairs to be completed in both areas by Tuesday afternoon, though some street repairs will have to be done after the sub-surface dries out.

Paullus also said that some residents running their faucets may notice dirty water from the repair activity, but that the discoloration is harmless and should disappear after the water has run for awhile.

“Property owners experiencing this condition should let their water run about 15 minutes until it clears up,” Paullus said.

He said people should call Public Works at 541-962-1325 if problems continue.