Rodeo action kicks off at 67th Chief Joseph Days

By Observer Upload July 27, 2012 01:05 pm
JOSEPH — The 67th Chief Joseph Days Rodeo kicked off Wednesday with Family Night at the Harley Tucker Memorial Arena.


The night started with bareback riding with Morgan Heaton scoring 80 points, Josi Young had 77, Bobby Mote scored 74, and Ethan McNeill had 70 points.

In steer wrestling, Travis Taruscio and Baylor Roche had total times of 4.2 seconds, Stan Brasco finished in 4.6, Colin Wolfe in 4.7, Tyler Mitchell in 4.8, Jack Vanderlans in 5.0 and Bustor Barton in 5.1 seconds.

Cimarron Boardman and Cody Prescott tied in the tie- down ropong in 7.9 seconds, Ryan Thibodeaux finished in 8.0, Jake Pratt in 8.4 and Murray Pole in 8.6.

Only two teams had qualifying times in team roping Wednesday night. 

Charly Crawford and Jim Ross Cooper finished in 5.0, while Sam Willis and Houston Hutto finished in 7.2 seconds.

Top finishers in barrel racing were Kim Kammenzind in 17.65 seconds, Jillian Connolly in 18.05, and Kristie Hurn in 19.40 seconds.

In saddle bronc riding, Mert Bradshaw received 74 points and Fran Orozco Marchand got 69 points for his ride.

Dylan Vick was the lone qualifying bull rider with 84 points.

Thursday night the horses and bulls were tough on riders with Trenton Montero as the only bareback qualifier earning 70 points and saddle bronc rider Joseph Levi Harper earning 63 points.  

In bull riding, Dakota Beck had a 79-point ride and Trenton Montero received 68 points.

Barrel racing had a lot of good competition Thursday night with several close rides. Pamela Capper rode in 17.28 seconds, Viki Friedrich in 17.72, Lexie Goss in 17.85, Allison Vankoll in 17.86, Kellin Currin in 17.92, Tanya Ledbetter in 17.98, and Jordan Crossley in 17.99.

Top team roping finishers were Bobby Davis and Dave Inman in 5.6 seconds, Shane Erickson and Brent Falon in 5.8, Mike McGinn and Bill Justus in 6.1, and Jack Fishcer and Ryan Powell in 7.0 seconds.

Steer wrestling top finishers were John Green with 5.7 seconds, Mike McGinn in 6.0, and Christian Radabaugh in 6.5 seconds.

In tie-down roping, Shane Erickson finished in 8.6 seconds, Ty Holly in 9.0, and Brett Hale in 9.5.

It’s the peak of rodeo season with many contestants hitting a rodeo a night all over the West from Utah to Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and into Canada.

Tonight’s rodeo starts at 7  at the Harley Tucker Memorial Arena in Joseph. 

The rodeo concludes Saturday.