Mural brightens wall at Grandview Cemetery

By By Dick Mason The Observer August 01, 2012 12:11 pm


This equipment building on the western edge of Grandview Cemetery for years had been all but invisible while in plain sight. 


Visitors had no reason to look at the bland, faceless white cinderblock structure.

Today they do.

Ted McBride, a music teacher in the Cove School District, has added the face of nature to the equipment building’s north wall, one that is so alive in a comforting way it all but sings.

McBride has painted a mural on the supply buildings’s north wall, one illustrating portions of the Elkhorn mountains and the Upper Grande Ronde River.

The mural, “The Depth Beyond,’’  was painted by McBride this month at the request of Sue Anderson, manager of the La Grande Cemetery Maintenance District. 

 “I am so pleased with how it turned out,’’ Anderson said. 

McBride, an avid hiker and fishermen who also makes river rafting trips, said the mural reflects his love of Northeast Oregon’s scenic beauty.

“It is a window into how I see the world,’’ he said.

McBride wanted the mural to help those who are hurting as they reflect on loved ones lost. 

“I wanted to create something that would help comfort
people through their sorrow,’’         the artist said. 

This is why the gently flowing Upper Grande is shown in full splendor.

“Nothing says peace like a river,’ McBride said. 

The artist is no stranger to large canvasses. He has painted many backdrops for concerts and musicals he has directed for Cove schools.

“I’m used to drawing on a larger backdrop,’’ McBride said.

Those backdrops did not have the permanence his Grandview Cemetery mural does — one which is a perfect complement to a bench placed in front of the equipment building earlier. 

“I want it to be a place where people can sit and find serenity.’’