Imbler moves into its new school

By Dick Mason, The Observer August 30, 2012 10:27 am

By Dick Mason

The Observer

IMBLER — No bugles or drums were played when Imbler Elementary’s doors opened Monday.

Still, the sound of children walking into the school was beautiful music for the community.

Monday marked the first day of classes in Imbler Elementary School’s $4 million building. A feeling of heightened excitement percolated through the building. Nobody was more excited than fifth-grader
Tanner Crook.

“It is new, fresh and awesome. It is pretty cool,’’ the fifth-grader said.


Second grade teacher Becki McIntosh said she and her students were struck by many things including how well illuminated the new school is.

“Their eyes lit up because of the brightness of it,’’ McIntosh said.

The second grade teacher said she felt fortunate to be present for the first day of classes in the new building.

“It is a day we will not get to experience again,’’ she said.

The new building replaces Imbler Elementary’s three previous structures — its main red building, constructed in 1912; its Wade Hall gym, built in the late 1920s; and an east wing classroom building that opened in 1952. The old buildings were all torn down this summer. Today no remnants of the structures remain.

Imbler kindergarten teacher Audrey Cant said she heard some students say they can’t remember what the old main building looked like. Cant, who has taught in the school district several years, said she does not have such a problem. 

“I do not think I will ever forget it.’’

Edith Lowe, the school’s library specialist, will also long recall what the old main building looked like. She has fond memories of it but will also not forget some of the inconveniences it posed. Lowe noted that water from its steam heating system sometimes would leak on to the library’s books. Lowe is delighted that such concerns are a thing of the past and could not be happier with the new building.

“It is clean, fresh and has beautiful colors,’’ she said.

The new one-story brick school has seven full classrooms, a conference room, an office, a library, a computer lab, a room that serves as a resource room and a math and reading education site, a kitchen and a multipurpose room. 

The multipurpose room serves as a cafeteria and a gym.

Construction of the new building started last fall after school district voters overwhelmingly approved a $4 million bond for the school’s construction in September 2010. Cant said the new building speaks volumes about how much people in the community support education.

“It makes you realize what a great community we have,’’ Cant said.

The Imbler Elementary School campus looks more striking today not only because of the new building but also due to the absence of the old two-story red elementary building, one that blocked Mt. Harris. 

Today Mt. Harris is a prominent part of the scenic backdrop of Imbler Elementary’s campus.

Imbler Elementary has 161 students in kindergarten through sixth-grade. 

The total includes 20 kindergartners, many of whom will someday hold the distinction of being members of the first class to complete all grade levels in the new elementary building. Many of the kindergartners likely do not yet appreciate the distinction they will hold.

“I hope that if they don’t realize it now they will realize later how blessed they are,’’ Cant said.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new school will be conducted Sept. 6 between 6 and 6:15 p.m.

The ribbon cutting will follow a spaghetti dinner put on by the Imbler Education Foundation, which starts at 5:30 p.m. The dinner will cost $5 a person, and there will be a discount for families of more than four. An open house for the entire Imbler School District will begin at 7 that evening. 

Tours of the new grade school will be conducted during the open house.