La Grande PP&K winners head to sectionals

By Observer staff September 27, 2012 08:54 am

Seven local athletes earned a trip to the sectional competition of the Punt, Pass and Kick by winning their age groups Wednesday at Optimist Field.

The local winners will not have far to go for the sectional competition. It will be held at the Optimist Field in Pioneer Park.

The winners survived a field of 48 competitors with the scores determined by combining the total of one punt, one pass and one kick. Then the distance from the centerline in each is subtracted from the total.

Jace Schow won the six and seven year old age group with a total of 87 feet, eight inches, while Ryan Stubblefield was the winner in the eight and nine age group (144-5).

Jameson Halsey (10 and 11, 179-5), Garrett Vaughn (12 and 13, 203-6) and Andrew Hively (14 and 15, 238-8) were the winners of their respective age groups.

For the girls, Josie Bornstedt won the 10 and 11 age group with a mark of 101-8, while Kendra Blake was the lone competitor at the 12 and 13 level, winning with a distance of 101-7.

The 1st place finishers in each age group qualify for the sectional competition to be held Oct. 20 at Optimist Field in La Grande at 11a.m.  They will compete against other local winners from Eastern Oregon.


Boys age 6 & 7

1st Jace Schow    87’ 8”

2nd  Garrett Thompson   70’  3”

3rd Logan Bullock   40’6”


Boys 8 & 9

1st Ryan Stubblefield  144’5”

2nd Cole Jorgensen   141’4”

3rd Nicholas Bornstedt   126’5”


Girls 10 & 11

1st  Josie Bornstedt  101’8”

2nd Marisa Vaughn  42’6”


Boys 10 & 11

1st Jameson Halsey 179’5”

2nd Riely Miller 167’5”

3rd Daemeon Diltart 162’3”


Girls 12 & 13

1sr Kendra Blake  101’7”


Boys 12 & 13

1ST Garrett Vaughn  203’6”

2nd Hayden Shafer 133’8”


Boys 14 & 15

1st Andrew Hively  238’8”

2nd Isaac Chamberlain  204’4”

3rd Trent Shafer  182’5”