Letters to the editor for October 3, 2012

By Observer Upload October 03, 2012 02:19 pm
Letters to the editor for October 3, 2012



Opera House is a jewel

To the Editor:

Each year about this time, I journey over to Summerville to join friends for some spectacular horse rides. In addition to the rides this year, I was treated to an evening at the Elgin Opera House. I was expecting a high school skill-level performance of “Fiddler on the Roof.” 

Wow! Was I ever wrong. The superior talent, skill and obvious dedication to this performance by the actors, stage crew, and the community was astounding. The performances by Kenn Wheeler, Caitlin Burke and Israel Bloodgood were as good as any professional theater group. It was an excellent example of a small town pulling together to make something great. 

Citizen of Elgin, you have the right to be proud. Unlike so many communities who are tearing down their historic buildings, you saw an opportunity to save some history and bring the community together. The restored Opera House is magnificent and a shining example of your spirit. I’m so pleased I was there for the experience. 

If you haven’t experienced this jewel, tucked away in Elgin, make the effort to see it. 


Mary Crow



Fount of knowledge

To the Editor:

My husband and I visited La Grande and Baker City last weekend to research family genealogy.  We would like to thank several people who made our visit enjoyable and productive.  

We spent a good part of Saturday in the Cook Memorial Library, assisted by the very friendly and helpful staff.  Although the inner archives room was closed, we were indeed fortunate that one of the archive volunteers, Dorothy (“Dory”) Fleshman happened to spot us in the adjacent reference room.  

Dorothy was a fount of knowledge about La Grande history and pioneers, and even discovered a family connection between my Murchisons and her late husband’s Willetts.  Finally, thanks to the caretakers of the beautiful Summerville Cemetery, resting place of many of my Scottish Murchison ancestors, early settlers in Summerville.

Kay Norin



Get Oregon back on track

To the Editor:

Don’t give up on our state… It’s time to pull out all the stops and get the right people in office. I had the opportunity to meet James Buchal who is running for state Attorney General (buchal4ag.com). 

He “rocked the house” at the GOP headquarters when he was here in Enterprise. James is right on target with the issues that concern the majority of the electorate in Eastern Oregon. Things like the Travel Management Plan, Wolves, and the priority of the counties to protect their citizens’ health and safety, over federal agency policy and overreach. James Buchal has a three-point strategy to accomplish getting our state back on track.

First: Simplify Agency Rules. James discussed the fact that currently the way our rules are written require a lawyer and several committees to make a determination. By requiring that any Oregon Administrative Rules be “simply and clearly stated” we can stop many state lawyers from defending agency overreach. 

This will confine agencies to their proper role in our state and allow business in Oregon to flourish again.

Second: Restore Accountability and the Rule of Law. There are two types of lawyers; those that seek “win at all cost” and those that seek “justice.” Our top law official in Oregon must be the latter. Taking action against agency and officials’ misconduct and not bending the law to protect officials from the People.

Third: Fight for Local Control and Decentralization. James Buchal’s goal is to cut the excessive federal powers that are blocking Oregon’s future. We need to take back access to natural resources through local control. As our states’ top law official, James Buchal will support counties responsibility to provide health and safety to their citizens.

Let’s get Oregon back on track and vote James Buchal for attorney general.

Lori Schaafsma