Letters to the editor for October 5, 2012

By Observer Upload October 05, 2012 01:29 pm
Letters to the editor for October 5, 2012

Foods banks will feel loss of Albertsons

To the Editor:

It is really sad to see one of our grocery stores close, especially one that was so helpful in the food banks. Albertsons was a very strong supporter. I also feel bad for the clerks who will lose their jobs. The holidays are coming, and most of them have families, too.

I am hoping that maybe Safeway will come forth and help because I know you can go by there at times and see meats, pastries, etc., thrown out, but of course it’s in a cage so no one could get at it or would want it.

I know our food banks really can use the help so let’s help, please. Thank you, Albertsons, Walmart, Grocery Outlet and all others for your donations.

Robin Morin



Ordinance officer not mistreated

To the Editor:

There have been some articles in the Observer lately that are disturbing to me. 

The items I’m referring to concern Councilor Allan Duffy and his treatment of the ordinance officer’s duties.

I attended the Elgin council meeting when Councilor Duffy made a motion to suspend the duties of the officer. With this motion, there was no malice involved whatsoever. There was no mention of disciplinary action, termination or anything else.

The intentions of Councilor Duffy were to go over what the ordinance officer was supposed to be citing people for. Due to numerous complaints about the ordinance officer and how he was approaching the citizens, he felt there was a need to tell the officer what the council expected of him. His motion passed with five other councilors voting in favor of the motion.

I have always known Councilor Duffy to be forthright and up-front with everyone. 

I consider him a very level-headed councilor and believe he will not treat anyone with favors or ill-treatment.

John Thibodeau