EOU rodeo club hosts first event of season

By Observer staff October 15, 2012 02:03 pm

UNION — The Eastern Oregon University rodeo club hosted the first college rodeo of the 2012-13 season Oct. 6 at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show grounds in Union.

Walla Walla Community College won the men’s division with 840 team points, while Blue Mountain Community College came in second with 664.

EOU placed third with 167 points. Treasure Valley (158), Central Washington (107) and Boise State (13) rounded out the team scoring.

On the women’s side, Blue Mountain took the team title with 418 points.

Treasure Valley was second with 255 and Boise State placed third with 138 points.

Walla Walla (113), Eastern Oregon (88), University of Idaho (69) and Central Washington (50) rounded out the top seven.

EOU’s Ethan Weiser was the team’s top individual performer. 

Weiser took second place in the bull riding with a score of 59.

Walla Walla’s Cain Smith won the event with a 74-point ride.

Lane Andreassen tied for sixth place as a heeler in the team roping with a time of 14.9 seconds.

Tanisha Lovins finished fourth in the barrel racing with a time of 18.14.

The next stop on the Northwest Region’s schedule is Friday in Ontario.

Northwest Region - Eastern Oregon University Oct 6 to Oct 6, 2012

Results as of Oct 8, 2012

Men’s Team Points

1.Walla Walla Community College  840.00

2.Blue Mountain C.C. 664.50

3.Eastern Oregon University 167.00

4.Treasure Valley Community College 158.00

5.Central Washington University 107.00

6.Boise State University 13.00

Women’s Team Points

1.Blue Mountain Community College 418.50

2.Treasure Valley Community College 255.00

3.Boise State University 138.00

4.Walla Walla Community College 113.50

5.Eastern Oregon University 88.00

6.University of Idaho 69.00

7.Central Washington University 50.00

Men’s All-around Points

1.Smith, Cain Lincoln             WWCC 290.00

2.Kamm, Koty Rope WWCC 226.00

3.Hansen, Clayton John BLUE 185.50

4.Justesen, Zachary Jon WWCC 177.00

5.Jim, Dalton Riley TVCC 158.00

6.Chambers, Mason WASU 138.50

7.Parke, Jared J BLUE 101.00

Women’s All-around Points

1.Doutre, Alexis BLUE 280.50

2.Baty, Brittany Dawn TVCC 214.00

2.Hays, Mary Shae BLUE 214.00

4.Scott, Shelby Nicole BLUE 204.50

5.Ridley, Sierra Katelyn ORIT 201.50

6.Baty, Brianne Danielle BOISE 138.00

Saddle Bronc Riding Score

1.Jim, Dalton Riley TVCC 61.0

2.Cox, Bruce Lee BLUE 36.0

Bareback Riding Score

1.Rose, Corey Kay WWCC 62.0

Bull Riding Score

1.Smith, Cain Lincoln WWCC 74.0

2.Weiser, Ethan J EORU 59.0

3.Bala, Erik Thomas CWAU 54.0

Tie Down Roping Time

1.Smith, Cain Lincoln WWCC 10.6

2.Pederson, Michael David BLUE 10.9

3.Chambers, Mason WASU 11.4

3.Hansen, Clayton John BLUE 11.4

5.Kamm, Koty Rope WWCC 11.8

6.Sharp, Jared John ORSU 12.0

7.Justesen, Zachary Jon WWCC 12.9

8.Parke, Jared J BLUE 13.1

Steer Wrestling Time

1.Hansen, Chase Merle BLUE 6.7

2.Hulden, William Blalock BLUE 7.3

3.Reay, Bryan Scott BLUE 9.1

4.Kamm, Koty Rope WWCC 9.8

5.Robinson, Devin Byron ORSU 13.1

6.Kimsey, Justin Lee WASU 14.2

7.Sherman, Ty J BLUE 17.3

Team Roping Header Time

1.Justesen, Zachary Jon WWCC 8.3

2.Ridley, Sierra Katelyn ORIT 9.4

3.Palmer, Bryce Kenneth WWCC 11.6

4.Hansen, Clayton John BLUE 13.7

5.Kamm, Koty Rope WWCC 14.6

6.Chambers, Mason WASU 14.9

6.Opie, Ryan Daniel BLUE 14.9

8.Buckner, MeKennan Dean BOISE 15.3

Team Roping Heeler Time

1.Thiele, Kane Michael WWCC 8.3

2.Thompson, Jared WWCC 9.4

3.Minor, Jake Michael WWCC 11.6

4.Parke, Jared J BLUE 13.7

5.Streeter, Brock Leo WWCC 14.6

6.Andreassen, Lane Weston EORU 14.9

6.Ramone, Brady John WWCC 14.9

8.Jim, Dalton Riley TVCC 15.3

Barrel Racing Time

1.Willis, Stevie Rae Herrin CORCC 17.96

2.Baty, Brittany Dawn TVCC 17.97

3.Hays, Mary Shae BLUE 18.08

4.Lovins, Tanisha Ree EORU 18.14

5.Baty, Brianne Danielle BOISE 18.20

6.Nybo, Paige Michelle CWAU 18.22

7.Wolfe, Jaden Elaine WWCC 18.27

8.Imhof, Hilary Jane BLUE 18.32

Breakaway Roping Time

1.Doutre, Alexis BLUE 2.8

2.Crossley, Callahan Shane BLUE 3.7

3.Streeter, Kelsey Laine WWCC 4.8

4.Scott, Shelby Nicole BLUE 5.2

4.Welch, Kellie Elizabeth UID 5.2

4.Ridley, Sierra Katelyn ORIT 5.2

7.Hall, Fallon Paige BLUE 5.9

8.Moulton, Katy Jane CORCC 6.4

Goat Tying Time

1.Scott, Shelby Nicole BLUE 7.8

1.Doutre, Alexis BLUE 7.8

3.Hays, Mary Shae BLUE 8.0

4.Baty, Brittany Dawn TVCC 8.1

5.Baty, Brianne Danielle BOISE 8.2

6.Pendergrass, Madison BLUE 8.3

6.Cornie, Alli Rae TVCC 8.3

8.Richards, Rachel Lynn WWCC 8.4

8.Ridley, Sierra Katelyn ORIT 8.4