Letters to the editor for October 15, 2012

By Observer Upload October 15, 2012 02:52 pm
Letters to the editor for October 15, 2012


Vote yes on Measure 80

To the Editor:

I disagree with your guest editorial “Just say no to pot measure.” It is past time to get this discussion moved to the open with our children. Yes, the schools should discuss it. They need to stress that any drug will impair driving and youth should always plan for a ride home by an adult.

Adults should be allowed to grow or buy this herb from local farmers, not from the shadow economy.

We need to take the power away from Mexican mafia thugs who set up environmental hazards in our back country and drug runners on our highways.

I don’t care what Eric Holder says. It’s time for Oregon to be a leader and show the federal government how to handle cannabis as a crop and controlled legal substance. 

Yes, it should be on a par with alcohol and painkillers.

Parents will be able to talk to their kids in terms of side effects, rather than shouting, “This will be on your record and you’ll never get a job!”

The measure may not be perfect, but I believe we can work that out. It is 2012 and we have a chance to get this plant into the light and stop whispering about it in the closets. Please join me in voting yes on Oregon’s Measure 80.

Mary Cooke