Education foundation gives school district $7,777

By Dick Mason, The Observer October 15, 2012 02:56 pm

The La Grande Education Foundation is again extending a big hand of assistance to the La Grande School District.

The foundation has awarded a total of $7,777 to La Grande School District activity programs. The recipients were announced Wednesday at a meeting of the La Grande School Board. A letter by Rodney Sands, treasurer of the foundation, detailing its contributions was read at the meeting by La Grande School District Superintendent Larry Glaze.

The letter indicates that the following programs are receiving funding from the foundation:

• La Grande High School boys basketball team, $2,300, to be used for equipment, travel expenses and summer basketball tournament costs.

• LHS girls basketball team, $2,700, to be used for player and coaching clinics, clinic videos, team travel bags and expenses and to help cover registration fees for camps and tournaments.

• LHS rally program, $2,027, to help pay for camp registration fees and clothing

• LHS soccer program, $200, for the construction of a “wall ball”

• La Grand Middle School, $250, for plastic and glass tableware and food supplies for a learning unit for table manners

• elementary school performing arts program, $300, to pay a musician to teach note-reading to students

The $7,777 total provided by the foundation does not include scholarships given to 2012 LHS graduates. 

Glaze said he is greatly appreciative of the help the La Grande Education Foundation provides to the school district each year. He said it fills important needs for students and programs the school district cannot meet because of financial problems.

Since its founding in 1998, the La Grande Education Foundation has paid out close to $100,000 in grants and scholarships. The purpose of the foundation is not to pay for things the school district already covers, such as the salaries of teachers and coaches and travel expenses. Instead, the foundation’s intention is to provide enrichment funding for those things not paid for by the school district budget.