Letters to the editor for October 19, 2012

By Observer Upload October 19, 2012 01:42 pm
Letters to the editor for October 19, 2012

Pokorney is great father, great mayor

To the Editor:

When you are filling out your ballot this election season, we urge you to reelect Daniel Pokorney as mayor of La Grande. Daniel Pokorney has been a great asset to the city of La Grande, serving as mayor for the past two years.

Through his hard work and dedication, Daniel has attended more than 400 events, really taking the time to connect and listen to the people. 

He works hard to understand what he can do to help improve La Grande. He truly has invested every minute of his time and has not let the hard economic times bring him down.

Even with his total commitment to our city, he still finds time for his church and his children. 

Our father has always had dedication and determination in his life. He shows those qualities not only as mayor, but by being a great father to his three children.

After losing his wife 14 years ago and taking on the role of both father and mother, our father always made sure that we had the things we needed to build ourselves into strong individuals. As his children, we support and understand our dad’s work ethic.

So when you are voting in this very important election, we respectfully ask you to vote to reelect our father, Daniel Pokorney, as mayor of La Grande. Daniel will continue to help our city grow closer together, and together we will become the true community that we all want.

Diedra Pokorney

La Grande

DaLyn Pokorney

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Jason Pokorney

Meridian, Idaho