America is in moral, financial decline

October 19, 2012 01:44 pm
It was interesting reading Lyndall Shick’s and Bart Chilton’s comments in the Sept. 14 Observer. They see a very different president and administration than I see. But as my father used to say, “That’s what makes horse races.”

I see our president as acting more like a celebrity than a president and one who thinks that what America really needs is big government to take care of us. I see an America that is in a very serious decline morally and financially, and losing respect in the world. On the moral side, we have a president that supports same-sex marriage and abortion, including partial-birth abortion of full-term babies. The movie and TV industries are touting the “new norm” of sex, foul language and extreme violence that falls short of what most families in America can tolerate.

I see a president who has spent billions of taxpayer dollars to create more than 700 government programs and filled them with environmental radicals to not only make business-crippling regulations but also change our energy sources to high-priced inefficient sources such as bio-fuel, wind and solar. Wind and solar cost taxpayers $56 per megawatt hour compared to 64 cents for coal and natural gas. Water is even cheaper and they want to remove dams. While wind, solar and bio-fuels are a net drain on our treasury, coal, oil and natural gas pay billions in taxes.

The Environmental Protection Agency without proper testing is increasing the 10 percent ethanol in our gas to 15 percent, which auto manufacturers say would damage engines and void warranties as well as further reduce fuel efficiencies. The president has crippled the coal industry with new regulations costing thousands of jobs. These regulations are also crippling coal exports. The U.S.-coal-fired power plants produce nearly half the nation’s electricity. The president wants 80 percent of electricity to come from the extremely high-priced wind and solar by 2035. He has also consistently blocked the expansion of American oil production and the pipeline from Canada to our refineries.

‘Bump in the road’?

President Obama has attended only a documented 40 percent of the daily White House security briefings. He calls the Middle Eastern problems “a bump in the road.” He doesn’t support Israel and apologizes to the Islamic nations.

He is a president who has a totally incoherent stance on the Iranian nuclear threat and for four years has said we have time to work this out. This administration has done nothing to contain our borders with Mexico except a complete cover-up of furnishing guns to the Mexican cartels. An American border guards was killed by one of these guns. He sued one of our state governors, who felt it necessary for her people’s safety to do the fed’s job.

More facts of the last four years of this administration: the GDP consistently below 3 percent and at time below the percent of inflation; U.S. credit rating downgraded; U.S. dollar devalued worldwide and in danger of being replaced as the World Money Standard; 45 months of unemployment above 8 percent, with more than 23 million Americans trying to find work; one in six Americans in poverty; food stamps increased more than 15 percent, from 32 million to 47 million people on food stamps; national debt grown more than $5.2 trillion; no national budget for the last four years; printing $40 billion every month; 5.4 million residential mortgages delinquent or in foreclosure.

President Obama is dividing the nation, saying the wealthy, who pay more than half of the nation’s taxes, don’t pay their share and that their success wasn’t possible without the government’s help. 

In other words, he wants to distribute the wealth of those who earned it to those who didn’t and don’t deserve it. The race card is being overused more than ever. You can burn the American flag and persecute and execute Christians but don’t dare say or do anything that might upset the Muslims because there will be no support from this administration, only apologies to Islam.

President Obama has shown a gross lack of leadership. I will not vote for another four years of this administration’s destruction of this great nation.

John C. Sprenger is a La Grande resident.