City election

By Observer editorial October 22, 2012 01:03 pm

Ballots will begin arriving in the mail soon. La Grande voters should re-elect Daniel Pokorney as mayor and elect John Lackey to the council. 

While mayoral challenger write-in candidate Michael Brasure makes good points about the need for economic and tourism development, Pokorney is the right choice to lead the city into the future. 

Sure, he has made some blunders such as posting  anti-gay comments on his personal Facebook page. But he has also done some good things, such as playing a key role in the reconstruction of the Riverside Park pavilion after the old landmark burned down and the Big H streetscape project downtown. 

Pokorney needs to continue making an effort to build a strong downtown core. He deserves your vote.

Lackey is also a clear choice for council in the race versus EOU assistant professor Rebecca Hartman. Ever since throwing his hat into the ring, Lackey has shown up for every city council meeting. He knows the issues, is intelligent, cares about La Grande and will hit the ground running from day one. What’s more, his seven years of experience as a planning commission member will pay dividends. Lackey deserves your vote.