Letters to the editor for October 26, 2012

By Observer Upload October 26, 2012 01:45 pm
Letters to the editor for October 26, 2012

Define ‘moral decline’

To the Editor:

John Sprenger, LHS school board member and former LHS teacher, decried in a recent guest column what he sees as the moral and financial decline of the country. He attributes this to President Obama.

The evidence includes: Obama is more celebrity than president (he should never have guest hosted “America’s Got Talent”). He has filled government programs with “environmental radicals” (such as tree-spikers heading the EPA?). Obama is anti-coal and anti-oil (Mr. Sprenger hopefully understands better than the “Clean Coal” president the effect a doubling of atmospheric CO2 in two centuries would have on long-term climate stability). Doesn’t attend security briefings (only when he’s in D.C., perhaps — otherwise maybe he reads them?). Incoherent stance on Iranian nuclear threat (Mr. Sprenger’s foreign policy expertise would be …?).

And last: Obama is “taking” money from those who “earned” it and “giving” it to those who don’t “deserve” it (elderly, veterans, unemployed, disabled, households struggling to make ends meet...). And it is this, rather than rhetoric such as Mr. Sprenger’s, that has divided the nation.

It seems like Mr. Sprenger has lifted talking points from Fox News and Romney campaign literature, and removed any context, to make one point: he doesn’t like the president. In 692 words.

On the same day I was expecting details about the chemical spill near North Powder that diverted I-84 traffic for several hours, and that The Observer curiously missed. I guess unless it is “moral decline” hyperpartisan ratings bait or proven/probable/possible/purported wolf kills, we have to go to the Baker newspaper to read about it.

Bill Grigsby

La Grande



The most important Commandment

To the Editor:

In response to Sharon Cheney’s ill-begotten letter to President Obama, it is important to place several issues in perspective. Redistribution of wealth so that everyone has a fair share hardly qualifies as “coveting.” Even in her letter, Ms. Cheney quotes the president’s motivation for redistribution as making sure everyone gets a shot, spreading the wealth being good for everybody.

It is amazing to me that someone quoting the Ten Commandments and talking about what God has taught us can actually miss the essence of what it means to be Christian. Seems to me that the most important commandment goes something like “Love God and love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.”

Seems under that system we are called to share everything we have, not because we owe others anything but because we’ve been asked to love others just the way they are.

Mary Rose Nichols




Don’t vote for lesser of two evils

To the Editor:

Election season is upon us, like it or not. It has been our hard-earned privilege to have the ability to elect those who would represent us in our hallowed halls of government.

But reflect on whom we have had representing us at all levels of our government. Do you feel those representatives have served in your best interests or those of our country? Really think hard about who you vote for this and every election. Are we better off now than we were last election? If not, will any of the other choices really offer a better solution?

Don’t ever vote for “the lesser of two evils.” You have a choice. Choose any of the third parties. Send a message to our government that ineffectiveness, special interests and pandering will not be accepted. 

Our system is designed so that we have a voice, however small. Make yourself be heard.

Patrick Flynn

Island City