Enterprise, Wallowa elect new mayors

November 07, 2012 02:27 pm

The cities of Wallowa and Enterprise elected new mayors for 2013-2015. Last night’s election returns had Vikki Knifong winning the Wallowa mayoral race and Margie Shaw defeating incumbent Steve Lear in Enterprise.

Bill Coffin beat Sam Summers for the only contested Enterprise councilor race, and Larry Christman and Stacey Karvoskil maintained their seats.

Two candidates for Wallowa City Council were elected out of five candidates; Lisa Mahon and Garrett Lowe will serve four-year terms.

Incumbent Lostine Mayor Krag Norton ran unopposed and will serve another two year term. April Hubbell won the uncontested council member race while another position in Lostine went unfilled.

In Joseph, Mayor Dennis Sands kept his position in an unopposed race as did city councilors Liza Butts, George Ballard, and unopposed newcomer Andrew Esquibel.

The Wallowa County Soil and Water District has two board members, Melvin Stonebrink, Alan Klages and Dan Warnock.

Board of Commissioners Chairman Mike Hayward and incumbent commissioner Susan Roberts both kept their seats in unopposed races as did County Treasurer Shonelle Dutcher-Pryse. 

Incoming Sheriff Steve Rogers won the majority of a three-way race in May and was the only candidate and winner of the race in last night’s general election.

The county’s weed control levy won handily with 79 percent Yes votes. The levy was a renewal and will fund the county’s work controlling weeds on both county land and in partnership with landowners.

Wallowa County overwhelmingly supported Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River for the second congressional district, Bill Hansel for state senate and Bob Jenson for the state house of representatives.

The county was not in step with the majority of the nation, giving Mitt Romney 67 percent of their vote opposed to 30 percent that went to President Obama.