EOU shares diversity during International Education Week

By Observer Upload November 09, 2012 02:58 pm

Students prepare for the Global Fashion Show.
Students prepare for the Global Fashion Show.

International Education Week at EOU begins Monday with a Speed Speaking Language Exchange and Zumba Shake class. 

Events throughout the week will provide participants with new knowledge of diversity and present broad points of view utilizing the five senses. Opportunities include listening to a lecture on the “Perception of Islam in Western Countries,” watching the colorful Global Fashion Show, tasting traditional dishes at the International Potluck, experiencing unique aromas at the Diversity Tea and exploring the tactile qualities of various cultural crafts. 

Gwen Nakayama, president of the International Student Association at EOU, hopes that many people will attend this year.  

“International Education Week is a very special event celebrated at EOU because it is when international students increase awareness about their countries through different activities, such as presentations and the fashion show,” Nakayama said. 

Nakayama is from Micronesia, Chuuk. She is dedicated to sharing, exchanging and broadening people’s understandings of worldwide nations through her role with the International Student Association. 

“In my perspective,” she said, “it is a perfect opportunity for both international and U.S. students to learn and develop a better comprehension about each other’s culture.” 

For more information about International Education Week contact Janet Camp, international student adviser, at 541-962-3406. 

A complete schedule of activities follows below: 


Speed Speaking, Language Exchange: 6 p.m., Hoke Main Lounge

Zumba Shake with Ikaika Alapa’i : 8 p.m., Aerobics Room, Quinn Coliseum


Diversity Experiences from the International Student Perspective–International Student Panel: 3 p.m., Hoke Main Lounge

Perception of Islam in Western Countries by Rukhshona Mirzoartikova: 4 p.m., Zabel 101


Study Abroad Fair: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Hoke Main Lounge

Cultural Craft Tables: 6 p.m., Hoke Main Lounge

Zumba Shake with Ikaika Alapa’i: 8 p.m., Aerobics Room, Quinn Coliseum


Study Abroad: It’s for Everyone!: 3 p.m., Hoke 301

Global Fashion Show: 4 p.m., Hoke Main Lounge

International Potluck, Hosted by ISA: 6 p.m., Multicultural Center, Hoke 2nd Floor 


Diversity Tea: 3 p.m., Multicultural Center, Hoke 2nd Floor

“Latino Roots in Oregon,” documentary: 7 p.m., Hoke Main Lounge