Letters to the editor for November 19, 2012

By Observer Upload November 19, 2012 01:50 pm
Letters to the editor for November 19, 2012

Showcasing a true winner

To the Editor:

What a thrill to open Friday’s newspaper and see a smiling picture my former clerk on the front page of the C section, devoted to veterans. 

Dakota Olson, in full National Guard uniform, is photographed climbing out of her vehicle in Iraq during her tour of duty with the 3rd battalion.  

Last year I was fortunate enough to have Dakota work for me. As a returning veteran she happily fulfilled the lowly tasks of filing, copying, picking up and delivering legal material for my law practice.   

She is a true delight — intelligent, responsible, and able to keep confidences, essential when handling client material.   

Unfortunately, I lost her to a job with more hours this year, though how she handles it all I cannot fathom — Dakota is not only a full-time EOU student, she is a Mountaineer cheerleader, on the dance team and continues with her National Guard duties.  

On top of that she now works at Rise instead of for me! Dakota, you are a treasure. We all miss you in this office and wish you all the best in your studies and career.  And thank you, Observer, for showcasing a true winner! 

Janie M. Burcart

La Grande