Letters to the editor for November 23, 2012

By Observer Upload November 23, 2012 12:37 pm
Letters to the editor for November 23, 2012

Readership wants local news

To the Editor:

We got election coverage for La Grande, Joseph, Lostine, Elgin, Enterprise. You gave a quarter page to gay marriage and marijuana and another to James Bond! What election results did we get for Union and Cove? Nada, zero, zip.

With the minimum coverage we get, I’m beginning to believe that our communities don’t matter to the Observer, or did we just disappear off the planet? If the Observer wonders why the readership is down, get a clue. We want local news! We can hear about what has happened in the East, storms, politics, etc., on the radio or TV, but local news is lacking. You have great sports coverage, but I do think that local government and community events are more important than sports.

I renewed my subscription when the newspaper went to three days a week and changed format. I thought I would give it a chance even though I didn’t like the changes. I doubt I will renew in the future. I really don’t need something to wrap fish in. I want to know what’s going on in my community.

Yvonne Da Torre