Letters to the editor for November 26, 2012

By Observer Upload November 26, 2012 01:44 pm
Letters to the editor for November 26, 2012

Stop trying to be a red bomb on a blue planet

To the Editor:

Jeff Petersen should turn off his TV (for good) and look outside. Our county is not so red. We have folks trying to get everyone on a bike or at least out walking. There are huge problems on earth, starting with global warming. Heat waves and droughts are real. Trees are dying here just like in Texas.

Republicans should stop whining about taxes. What good are your mansions (tax-payer subsidized) now? You’d be better off promoting more parks and water for trees. New Jersey wants their whole boardwalk seashore rebuilt and guess who they’re going to call? Yes, that monster: big government. I sure wish I could see Greenland back how it was, and the arctic ice floes keeping polar bears alive, too. Guess who cares about this issue? Yes, the Democrats.

The election wasn’t decided by a few swing states. It was already based on huge sections of our country believing in sharing and protecting our earth for everyone. United we stand for the sanctity of childhood. Every child deserves parents, a place to play and a park near enough for them to feel connected to Mother Earth. That is the only vital issue now. Free markets promoted construction of so many malls that in the aftermath, economists pointed out we have too many stores per capita. No one ever points out that we have too much green space, unpaved soil to capture rains and keep the earth cooler.

Sociologists point our eyes at statistics on teenage depression being related to lack of time outdoors and lack of meaning in life. You won’t solve that by putting more money back in your own pocket. So stop trying to be a big red bomb on a blue planet. Open your mind and heart.

Mary Cooke