Letters to the editor for December 7, 2012

By Observer Upload December 08, 2012 09:37 am
Letters to the editor for December 7, 2012


Concerns raised over wolves

To the Editor:

Each time I see another article in The Observer about wolves I become outraged.

How would you like the powers that be to knock on your door one day and tell you, “You are living in a poisonous snakes original habitat. It will be necessary to turn loose the container of said snakes in your back yard.” Also, you must allow your children and pets to “play” together in this designated snake habitat. Surely they all can co-exist together? And, if your child or pet dies as a result of this forced co-existence, you will be reimbursed.  Where did I put my shotgun?

Surely this is no more ridiculous than placing wolves in an area of recreation and ranching. Who wants to
hike or camp in such an environment? 

These predators do not always kill for food, but for fun and are professional killers. They cannot be considered humane killers. It is cruel to place wolves in an environment in which they will eventually need to be removed. 

Think about it. There is no logical purpose in reintroducing packs of wolves into our forest unless it is to keep people out.

Kay Heitz