City council looks at improving water distribution

December 12, 2012 01:41 pm

Improving Enterprise’s water system roject could cost at least $5.7 million

ENTERPRISE — Improving Enterprise’s water distribution and ensuring the stability of its storage will be an on-going discussion for the next 10 years. 

If the city gets everything on its wish list, the total cost could be as much as $5.7 million. 

Troy Baker from Anderson Perry updated the council Monday on the city’s water master plan.

In the near future, the city will look to better distribute the water supply to improve areas receiving low pressure. This will not only help residents and businesses, but flow for fire suppression.

Michele Young, city administrator, said the city intends to make improvements on its existing reservoir, a concrete structure, and begin plans for an additional one.

“Specific improvements have been identified and we’d like to get input from the public,” Young said. “If we did everything, it could be really expensive.”

The council discussed sending brochures to the city’s water users and plans to hold public meetings in the coming year to prioritize potential upgrades. Some of the items on the list are to comply with state requirements, said Young.

“We are exploring funding options, including grants, and will take the next few years to figure out where we go from here,” said Young.

The council discussed the Wallowa County Planning commission’s approval of a re-zoning request, from residential to commercial, on property adjacent to the city’s water supply. The council agreed to meet in the coming weeks with the city’s planning commission to decide what further action to take.

The fire department is concerned about one of its sources of water — its tanker truck. The city’s current tanker has leaks caused by rust that have been repaired, but the department is starting to look for a used one to replace it.

In January, the Wallowa Valley Community Ice Rink board of directors would like to sit down with the council and an architect to discuss the design options for a covered rink. The rink would be moved up the hill from its current position in the Enterprise City Park and an open air structure would cover it to prevent melting and to keep snow off the ice.

The city’s next scheduled meeting is Jan. 14 at 7:30 p.m.