Itís what you give that counts

By Observer editorial December 24, 2012 09:21 am
Christmas is less about what you get and more about what you give.

Giving during the holidays comes naturally. But some local organizations and people give year around. The all-volunteer Neighbor to Neighbor Ministries provides just one example of a group devoted to giving. The nonprofit group will host the annual all-community Christmas dinner on Christmas Day.  All are welcome to partake of the meal, which will be served beginning at noon at the Presbyterian Friendship Center on Spring Street in La Grande.

Neighbor to Neighbor is also involved with helping people all year long. The group works to help the needy, elderly, disabled and their caregivers.

Many other good examples of giving can be found. There are giving people behind, to name just a few groups, United Way, the American Red Cross Eastern Oregon Chapter, the local food banks, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the Mount Emily Safe Center and Shelter From the Storm, search and rescue groups and Community Connection. Each of these groups is staffed by volunteers who give back to their community, not just at Christmas but every day of the year.

In a recent survey, it was noted that 29 percent of Oregonians donated 50 or more hours to service. 

In this time of slow erosion of community standards, it is nice to see people reversing the tide and giving back to their community with the gift of their time and talents.

We’d like to challenge our friends and neighbors to make time to give of yourself this Christmas and in 2013. Let’s continue to return the rewards of giving to our community all year long.