Letters to the editor for December 31, 2012

By Observer Upload December 31, 2012 03:57 pm



People have fun with gifts made in America

To the Editor:

My husband, Dan, and I have worked to buy American products when possible. This Christmas, as a surprise gift for Dan, my son David helped me shop for a wood pellet grill/smoker. 

The brand name of Traeger is now manufactured abroad. So instead we found the USA made Smokin’ Brothers grill on line, and the “guts” are even made in Oregon. Instead of ordering off of the internet, David called John, at A-1 Appliance, and John said he could match the price.  

Not only that, he assembled it, seasoned it, added pellets, a cover, and delivered with David on Sunday.  The delivery was also loads of fun for David and his family, sneaking it in our back yard while Dan was milling around the kitchen. Dan didn’t want to go the show with me and we thought he would take that opportunity for a siesta. Not a chance. The joy this brought to all involved in the shopping, negotiating, secrecy, and delivery was a present to all of us. 

The guys at Safeway meat counter added to the scenario, knowing David was buying briskets to be cooked on the new smoker Sunday for a Christmas Eve dinner. 

What fun so many people had with a gift Made in America! Thank you everyone.


Terrie Biggs

 La Grande




Volunteers helped make Christmas dinner success

To the Editor:

Christmas is the time for giving and Neighbor to Neighbor wants to thank all of those who gave of their time, talents and monetary donations to make it possible to serve the nearly 170 people who came to the all-community Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. Gearing up for this actually started during late November when the all-community Thanksgiving dinner was being held. Contacts were made for both dinners for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks from cooking, to setting up the dining room and to cleaning up at the very end. 

There were over 40 volunteers, both adults and children, who shared some of their time on Christmas Eve Day or on Christmas Day to make this possible. The dinner, held at the Presbyterian Friendship Center, offered a time to enjoy a wonderful meal while visiting with table mates and feeling part of a large family gathering.

To all the volunteers and contributors for this joyous event thank you again.

Ginny Mammen

La Grande